About CU -NSS

The NSS Cell of the University is functioning since introduction of the NSS by the Govt. of India in the University in the year 1969 and now it has 146 units and they are performing from campus to community for social work like health checkup, tree plantation, AIDS prevention, campus cleaning, slum/village cleaning along with survey of the underdeveloped people, campaign against early marriage, rural development, Parthenium destruction, developing the sports facilities and physical conditions of the slums and underprivileged persons, etc. Activities of the University’s NSS Cell are fast expanding under the able guidance and active leadership of Prof. Swagata Sen, Programme Coordinator and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Calcutta. The direct supervision of Prof. Ashutosh Ghosh, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the University, is always helping to increase the standard of the University NSS. Almost all the colleges, having NSS units, have been playing active role by guiding the NSS volunteers, who are the students of their colleges, to serve the greater society by adopting about 126 different slums and villages under the territorial jurisdiction of the University.