Prof. Lakshminarayan Satpati (2015- )


From the Desk of the Director

Knowledge, which is the ultimate power, is emerging as the currency of the world in the present century.

-Shri Pranab Mukhopadhyay

(His Excellency, the President of India)


The history of human civilization has acknowledged the power of knowledge in both war and peace. Social thinkers and teachers have developed and disseminated this power through generations. Development of the social institutions owes greatly to the teaching-learning and research processes taken up by the experienced teachers and motivated disciples of countries and ages, when knowledge used to be regarded as a social resource- free for use by any one in anywhere.

But, now is the age of globalization of a different kind. Knowledge is, at present, one of the best marketable commodities. The idea of research and development has taken new meaning in the society, since these are now considered as sources of intellectual properties. In this changed scenario the tasks of teachers, especially those attached to the state-funded higher education institutions, are really very challenging. In this context, the UGC-Human Resource Development Centres (HRDC) must play significant catalytic role in value-based upgradation of core competence of the young teachers by offering them various customized academic programmes at different levels of their career.

The UGC-HRDC of the University of Calcutta during its 25 years of glorious existence has organized more than 500 academic programmes benefitting over 20000 teacher participants of the different parts of India. Under the direct patronage of University Grants Commission and the University of Calcutta the Centre is trying to achieve its targeted goal of becoming one of the most successful and highly admired HRDCs in the country.