Centre for Horticultural Studies

Agriculture and Horticulture development is taking dominant role for economic upliftment of our state. But the technological back up like trained human resource and technical expertise to the end users viz. farmers, entrepreneurs, NGOs and industries is not adequate in our state. The newly-constituted Institute of Agricultural Science under the University of Calcutta is capable of offering the technological back up to the beneficiaries. The Institute of Agricultural Science consisting of a couple of P.G. Departments have the potentialities of establishing the Centre under the nodal Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science in the Institute of Agricultural Science, University of Calcutta.


  1. To cater to the technical needs of the farmers, entrepreneurs through advisory, consultancy, field visit, etc.
  2. To test the agri/horticultural inputs for their quality assurance
  3. To test the quality of produces from agri/horticultural sectors in respect of both chemical constituents and microbiology
  4. To test the contaminants/pollutants in ecological substrates as barrier for proper marketing especially for export market
  5. Training programme on the above issues will also be carried out by the Centre from time to time for the beneficiaries at all levels viz. farmers, NGOs, entrepreneurs, industries and other Govt. & Non-Govt. officers/officials
  6. To prepare development project for execution at the field levels and also for getting fund from Govt., Govt.-undertaking and private financial organisation, etc.
  7. The Centre will be a self-sustainable unit in due course of time if it is properly initiated and operated with good professional attitude,with the back up of University administration.

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