Centre for South and Southeast Asian Studies

There is a Centre for South and Southeast Asian Studies, under the aegis of the Department. The main objective, of this Centre is to undertake and promote research on major socio-economic and politico- administrative issues in Myanmar, Thailand and Bangladesh. However, it examines regional issues of common concern to all countries in South and Southeast Asia.

It has a further aim of collecting and disseminating research data and information based on co-sharing among sister organisations. Along with this the Centre organises, from time to time, seminars and conferences on important themes related to different aspects of development in the countries of the region. As a further measure to promote a fruitful exchange of ideas, it invites visiting scholars working in similar fields from other academic institutions both in India and abroad.

The Centre for South and Southeast Asian Studies has facilities for providing basic instructions in Asian Languages. At present, the Centre has arrangements for Thai and Burmese language teaching.