Academic Departments
Institute of Agricultural Science

35, Ballygunge Circular Road. Kolkata – 700 019
Telephone Numbers: 2461 5445/4959/5277/4711-12/4714
PBX – 351 (office) ; 352 (Library)

Year of Establishment

The Institute of Agricultural Science, University of Calcutta, with its six component departments came into being in April,
2002, upgrading the erstwhile Department of Agriculture established in April, 1954

Courses Offered

Programme Level of Study Cut-off Mark at entry Intake Capacity
M.Sc / M.Sc (Ag) in Agricultural Chemistry & Soil  Science P.G. B.Sc. Ag. (Hons.) / B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry 20
M. Sc. / M.Sc. (Ag.) in Agronomy P.G. B.Sc. Ag.(Hons.) 10
M.Sc. (Ag.) in Seed Science & Technology P.G. B.Sc.Ag. (Hons) 10
M.Sc. / M.Sc. (Ag) in Genetics & Plant Breeding P.G. B.Sc.Ag. (Hons)/ B.Sc. (Hons) in Botany 10
M.Sc. / M.Sc. (Ag) in Plant Physiology P.G. B.Sc.Ag. (Hons)/ B.Sc. (Hons) in Botany 10
M.Sc./ M.Sc. (Ag) in Horticulture P.G. B.Sc.Ag. (Hons)/ B.Sc. (Hons) in Botany 10
Ph. D. and D.Sc. on the above subjects Research Work

Faculty Members

Department Name & Designation Phone/ Email


Agricultural Chemistry & Soil  Science Prof. A. K. Dolui (033) 2415-0456
Soil Survey
Prof. Kunal Ghosh (033) 2479-1112
Clay Mineralogy,
Fertilizer Technology
Prof. A. Chowdhury (033) 25798669
9830243208 (M)
Dr. K. Chakrabarti
(033) 22442316
9433330918 (M)
Soil Microbiology
Agronomy Prof. R. K. Sarkar
Khaira Professor of Agriculture
(033) 24422700
9433157988 (M)
Cropping system
Crop husbandry
Dr. R. B. Mallick
9433668935 (M)
Weed management
Nutrient management
Dr. N. Deb
9433779958 (M)
Genetics & Plant Breeding Prof. T. Dasgupta (033) 24185445
9831406839 (M)
Molecular Biology
Crop improvement
Dr. S. Kundagrami
(033) 25386129
9433566757 (M)
of new plant types in crops
Plant Physiology Dr. S. K. Pal
(033) 2474 9979
Stress physiology
Dr. A. K. Mandal
(033) 24420562
Seed physiology
Horticulture Dr. P. Acharyya
9830576299 (M)
Vegetable crops
Post harvest technology

Research Work

Major thrust areas in which Research activities are being actively pursued :

  1. Molecular characterization of vegetable and fruit crops.
  2. Leaf nutrient analysis.
  3. Clonal propagation of commercial horticultural crops.
  4. Breeding for biotic and abiotic stresses and crop improvement in vegetable crops.
  5. Drying of flowers.
  6.  Post harvest studies.
  7. Chemistry, analysis & degradation of Agrochemicals from ecological substances [soil, plant, water].
  8. Pesticide residue & degradation from any substances.
  9. Pesticide transformation & metabolism.
  10. Effect of pesticide on Microbiological parameters & bioremediation technology development.
  11. Quality & development of Medicinal & Aromatic plants.
  12. Molecular Biology & disease resistance.
  13. Development of Biocides & related bioactive chemicals from natural sources.
  14. Evolving hybrid rice varieties.
  15. Development of varieties resistant to biotic stresses & salinity in Rice, Lentil, Chickpea & Sesame.
  16. Marker assisted selection in varietal development
  17. Mitigation of Arsenic contamination through identification & development of low Arsenic Rice, Lentil & Mustard.
  18. Development of new plant type in Sesame, Lentil, Chickpea & Rice through physical mutagens.
  19. Application of seed treatments from Medicinal plants for increased vigor & viability in cereals, pulses and oilseeds.
  20. Development of cropping system in southern West Bengal.
  21. Low cost technology for different crops.
  22. Integrated nutrient management for different cropping systems.
  23. Appropriate crop husbandry for different crops.
  24. Weed management.

Ongoing Research Projects

Name of the Investigator Titles of the project funding agency and duration
Dr. N. Deb Collection, characterization and screening of potential micro algae from W.B.and Orissa  coast  and  pilot  scale  demonstration of  algal oil production. Dept. of  Biotechnology, Mins. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. 2009 -
Collaboration : 1. Institute of Minerals and Material Technology, Bhubaneswar [CSIR] 
2.  Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad [CSIR] 
3. Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.  
Dr. N. Deb Commercial exploitation of Kolkata Hinterlands through  sustainable  intensive agriculture using bio-organic manures and inorganic fertilizers. UGC-UPE,   2007 – 12.
Dr. N. Deb Evaluation  of Nano particulated  nutrient delvary system  and  molecular  impact  assessment. Centre for Research in Nanoscience And  Nanotechnology,    2009
Collaboration : 1. IIT, Kharagpur 
2. IICT, Hyderabad 
3. IMMT, Bhubaneswar 
4. Utkal University 
5. Jadavpur University, Kokkata, India 
6.  Murdoch University, Australia.
Dr. P. Acharyya Genetic  diversity  and  characterization  of Momordica  species  in  Eastern  and  N. E. India  through  agromorphological  characters and  molecular  markers. UPE – UGC, University of Calcutta, 2007 – 12.
Dr. P. Acharyya Establishment  of  leaf  tissue  analysis laboratory National  Horticulture  Mission, Mins. of  Food Processing  and Horticulture. Govt. of  India.
Dr. S. Kundagrami Identification  of  salt  tolerant  varieties  of paddy, sunflower  and  greengram  and  study  on  cropping sequence  and  integrated  nutrient  management with  organic  fertilizer  to  enhance  fertility  status of  costal  saline  tract  for  augmenting  the  economic condition  of  backward  classes. R.K.V.Y., Dept. of  Agriculture, W.B.  2009 – 12.
Dr. S. Kundagrami Development  of  salt  tolerant  high  yielding lines of  chickpea,  fieldpea  and  lentil  for  coastal saline  belt  of  West Bengal. R.K.V.Y., Dept. of  Agriculture,
Govt. of  W.B.   2009 – 12.
Prof. T. Dasgupta Characterising  genetic  and  soil  induced  variation in  arsenic  uptake,  translocation  and  metabolism in  rice  to  mitigate  arsenic  contamination in rice. British  Biotechnological Society and  Research  Council, U.K. 2008 – 11.
Collaboration : 1. University of  Abardeen, U.K.  2. Rothamstad  Institute 3. University of Calcutta
Prof. T. Dasgupta Collection, characterization and genetic improvement of  indigenous  short-grained  aromadic  rice  in West Bengal  with  special  emphasis  to  cooking qualities  and  yield. D.S.T., Govt. of W.B.   2009 – 12
Prof. T. Dasgupta Crop breeding  research  unit. Dept. of  Agriculture, Govt. of W.B. Permanent.
Prof. T. Dasgupta Radition  induced  mutation  for  evolving short duration  white  seeded  mutant  in  sesam. D.A.E. - UGC Consortium, Govt. of India.  2009 – 13.
Prof. T. Dasgupta Scientific  and  systematic  exploration  and standardization  of  agro-techniques  for large scale  production  of  quality  milky  mushroom. D.S.T., Govt. of  India.    2009 – 12.
Prof. A. Chowdhury Acharya P. C. Ray  endowmwnt  fellowship  in Agricultural  Chemistry. C.U.    2005 -
Prof. A. Chowdhury Environmental  fate & behaviour of  Agroch- emicals  in  crops , soils, water etc. M/S  Indofil  Chemical  Company, India.   2006 -
Prof. A. Chowdhury Studies  on  the  residual  fate &  behaviour of Agrochemicals  in  different  crops, the Institute of Agricultural  Science, C.U. M/S  Bayer  Crop  Science India Ltd. 2005 -
Prof. A. Chowdhury Molecular  characterization of  genetic diversity accessions of  paddy  germplasm, brassica species & sesame indicum etc. & identification of  molecular  marker  for  cultivar identification for  resource  conservation. Dept. of  Agriculture, Govt. of  W.B. 2007 – 09.
Prof. A. Chowdhury Evaluation  of  COSAVET FERTIS- WG, carben dazim  46.27% SC (PEARL) and  HYDROMAN 35  SC as  nutrient  and  as  pesticide  in  rice  & potato. M/S  Sulphur  Mills, Mumbai.    2008.
Dr. K. Chakraborti Improvement  of  Fibre  quality  through  microbial, enzymatic  and  chemical  treatment in  Jute. Funded by ICAR, through CRIJAF, Barrackpore, Kolkata- 7000120. 2007 – 2012.
Dr. K. Chakraborti Studies  on  asymbiotic  diazotrophic  populations for  development  of  bacterial  inoculant  for the coastal  soils  of  West Bengal. Felloship, UGC.  2007 – 2012.
Dr. K. Chakraborti Establishment  of  a  seed  research  centre  at  the Calcutta  University, College of  Agriculture. Dept. of  Agriculture, Govt. of  W.B.
Dr. A.K. Mandal Establishment  of  a  seed  research  centre  at  the CalcuttaUniversity, College of  Agriculture. Completed Five years term and placed for another Five years term.
Dr. A.K. Mandal Seed  invigoration  treatment  for  improved Storability and yield  potential  of  some vegetables and  pulses. Three  years  term. Dept. of  Science & Technology, Govt. of  W.B.


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