Agriculture & Horticulture development is taking dominant role for economic upliftment of our state. But the technological back up like trained human resource & technical expertise to the end users viz; farmers, entrepreneurs, NGOs & Industries is not adequate in our state. The newly constituted Institute of Agricultural Science under the premier University of Calcutta ,is capable of offering the technological back up to the beneficiaries. The Institute of Agricultural Science consisting of couple of PG Departments have the potentialities of establishing the Center under the nodal Deptt of Agricultural Chemistry & Soil Science in the Institute of Agricultural Science, F/Ag & Vet Sc., University of Calcutta. The center was approved by the Calcutta University syndicate In the meeting, dated 20/07/04 and confirmed on 3/08/04 (vide agenda item number 8,by fulfilling the norms as laid down in the existing ordnance 39(2)(a) of the Calcutta University ) under the Calcutta University ordinance.