Department of Bengali Language & Literature

87/1, College Street. Kolkata - 700 073. Telephone No. : 2241-0071 - 76 / 2241-4984 - 90.

Year of Establishment
1st june, 1919

Courses Offered

Programme Level of Study  Cut-off Mark at entry Intake Capacity
M.A in Bengali Language & Literature  P.G. B.A. Hons. In order of merit 363
M.A. in Comparative Indian Language & Literature (Self - financing)  P.G. B.A. Hons. in any Indian Language  In order of merit  30
 M.Phil.  P.G.  55% in M.A. in Bengali  20
Ph.D. Research  M.A. Degree  

History of the Department

The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Sir Nilratan Sircar initiated this Department as the Department of Modern Indian Languages. Acharya Dinesh Chandra Sen is considered as the founder of the Department. The first Professor post of Bengali named after Ramtanu Lahiri was offered to Rai Bahadur Khagendranath Mitra and he headed the post for more than 12 years and on the 1st August 1932 Rabindranath Tagore was appointed to that post for 2 years. The Department has another two chair-post in the auspicious name of Rabindranath Tagore and Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Prof. Asutosh Bhattacharya started teaching on three special papers : Folk Literature , Mangal Kavya & Bengali Drama. This Department can claim excellence for having creative artists as faculties and for giving birth to poets, novelists, dramatists & actors.

Past Eminent Teachers

Dinesh Chandra Sen. Ramendra Sundar Tribedi. Charu Chandra Banerjee. Susil Kumar De. Khagendra Nath Mitra. Basanta Ranjan Roy. D.R. Bhandarkar. I.J.S. Taraporewala. Suniti Kumar Chatterjee. Srikumar Banerjee. Sudhir Kumar Dasgupta. Tamonash Chandra Dasgupta. Priya Ranjan Sen. Janardan Chakraborty. Biswapati Chowdhuri. Monindra Mohan Basu. Md. Sahidullah. Subodh Chandra Sengupta. Jatindra Mohan Bhattacharya. Sashibhusan Dasgupta. Pramatha Nath Bishi. Haraprasad Mitra. Bijan Behari Bhattacharya. Sukumar Sen. Narayan Gangopadhyay. Asutosh Bhattacharya. Dwijendranath Basu. Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay.

Faculty Members (as on 01.02.2012)

Name Specialization Contact
Dr. Biswanath Roy Rabindra Sahitya & Medieval Bengali Literature 2461-1536 / 9433700841
Dr. Tarun Kr. Mukhopadhyay Drama & Modern Poetry 2683-3370 / 9874623736
Dr. Sanat kr. Naskar Medieval Bengali Literature & Drama 2433-0642 / 9433368509
Dr. Urmi Roychoudhuri Novel & Short Story 2443-7899 / 9830340560
Associate Professor
Dr. Sucharita Bandyopadhyay
Linguistics & Lexicography 9836743250
Dr. Prasun Ghosh Novel & Short Story 03463-255229 / 9474020961
Dr. Arup Kumar Das Comparative Literature &
Post Independent Bengali Fiction
Assistant Professor
Sk. Rafikul Hossain Modern Bengali Poetry & Aesthetics 9836985620

Research Work

1. DRS Project (Phase-1) Under SAP

Thrust Area

a) Tagore Study in New Perspective

b) Marginal Life , Literature & Culture of Sundarban

2. UPE Project under UGC

Thrust Area

Social Status of Women as Reflected in Bengali Literature (Kathasahitya : 1850 - 1950)

Lists of Endowment Lectures, Scholarships, Awards


  • Jagattarini Medal
  • Sarojini Basu Medal
  • Lila Puraskar
  • Bhuban Mohini Dasi Medal

Endowment Lectures

  • Dwijendralal Roy Readership (Annual) – 4 Lectures on the  Life & Culture of Bengali.
  • Vidyasagar Lectureship (Annual) – Lecture on various aspects of the Bengali Language,Literature or Social reforms.
  • Dinesh Chandra Sen Memorial Lectureship (Annual) –  Lecture on Bengali Language & Literature.
  • Sarat Chandra Chatterjee Memorial Lectureship (Biennial) - Lecture on Bengali Language & Literature.
  • Rammohan Roy Lectureship (Annual) – Lecture on Raja Rammohan Roy.
  • Girish Chandra Ghosh Lectureship (Biennial) -Lecture on Bengali Literature.
  • Adhyapak Sudhir Kr. Dasgupta Lecture (Biennial) -  Lecture on some topic connected with Aesthetics or Literary Criticism.
  • Lila Lectureship (Biennial) - Lecture on Bengali Language & Literature.
  • Partha Bandyopadhyay Memorial Lectureship (Annual) – Lecture on Bengali Language & Literature especially   Bengali Drama.
  • Asok Bikash Bhattacharya Memorial Lectureship (Annual) –   Lecture on Bengali Language & Science fiction.


  • Late Rash Behari Banerjee Memorial Cash Prize
  • Patralekha Debi Scholarship
  • Anil Chandra Gupta Memorial Studentship
  • Jnanada Sundari Sarkar Memorial Scholarship
  • Paramita Basu Memorial Scholarship
  • Ruplekha Nandi Memorial Scholarship
  • Kalyani Sarkar Memorial Scholarship
  • Kamala Bala Paul Studentship
  • Amal Kr. Bandyopadhyay Memorial Scholarship.
  • Jatindranath Sengupta Memorial Scholarship