Academic Departments
Department of Philosophy
1, Reformatory Street, Kolkata - 700 027.
(033) 2479-2358/2952/1645 Extn.320 (Head)
(033) 2479-2358/2952/1645 Extn.321 (Office)
DRS :Telephone :(033)24490053
Fax : (033)24490053
Year of Establishment
Courses Offered
Programme Level of Study Cut-off Mark at entry Intake Capacity
M.A. in Philosophy P.G. Degree B.A. ( Hons) In order of merit 220
M.Phil. Post P.G.Degree 50% in M.A.
Ph.D. Research M.A. Degree

Faculty Members

Name Phone E-mail Specialisation
Prof. Roma Chakraborty   2466-4436/2464-9148
9831160005 Philosophy of Mind, Psychology
Applied Ethics, Epistemology (Western), Comparative Religion
Prof. Dilip Kumar Mohanta 2484-3446
Comparative Religion, Indian Philosophy
Prof. Priyambada Sarkar   2343-1376 / 2343-1377
Wittgenstein,  Logic (Western), Analytic Philosophy, Applied Ethics
Prof. Subirranjan Bhattacharya 2590-6686
Logic(Western), Philosophy of Kant, Ethics (Western), Analytic Philosophy
Prof. Uma Chattopadhyay     
(Mrs. Bandyopadhyay)
2472-3238 / 2429-6838
Indian Philosophy, Ethics, Logic (Indian), Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Religion
Associate Professors
Dr. Nini Chanda 2418-9006
9831824189 Philosophy of Mind, Socio-Political Philosophy, Ethics, Comparative Religion
Dr. Manidipa Sanyal    4066-2141/ 9831235770 Epistemology(Western),
Logic, Analytic Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Language
Dr. Aparna Banerjee 8420000144 Social and Political philosophy, Ethics, Comparative Religion, Phenomenology, Recent Indian Philosophy (Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda)
Dr. Sharmistha Bakshi 2476-2418 Philosophical Logic, Analytic Philosophy
Dr. Krishna Chatterjee     2455-5163
9830579519 Indian Philosophy, Philosophy
of Language, Metaphysics, Ethics
Assistant Professors
Smt. Shyamasree Bhattacharyya 2441-3586
9830502812 Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy
of Language, Epistemology (Western)
Smt. Shilpita Mitra 9836041423/2324-3536 Epistemology, Socio-Political Philosophy and Ethics
Smt. Mahjabeen Jahan 9883222163 Logic
Shri Pralayankar Bhattacharyya 2481-4532
9830472315 Socio-Political Philosophy, Existentialism and Ethics

The Department is presently running the UGC SAP DRS (Phase-I) Programme since 2007.
Thrust Area of DRS : Epistemology, Ethics and Religion.

Research Work

Major thrust areas in which Research activities are being actively pursued :

• Indian Philosophy • Logic • Philosophy of Logic and Science • Analytic Philosophy • Theory of Knowledge •
• Philosophy of Kant • Philosophy of Mind • Ethics • Political Philosophy • Metaphysics • Phenomenology & Existentialism •
• Philosophy of Religion • Philosophy of Language • Comparative Religion • Contemporary Indian Philosophy