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National Book Trust, India
National Book Trust, India was inaugurated in August 1957 by the then President of India.
Publishers & Booksellers Guild
A Kolkata- based society of renowned publishers and booksellers, the Guild organizes Kolkata Book Fair.
Federation of Indian Publishers
A representative body of publishers in English, Hindi and other regional Languages with its membership from all over India
Federation of Publisher & Bookseller Association of India
A representative body of publishers and booksellers with its membership from all over India
Association of Publishers in India
API is a representative body of foreign publishers to deal with all matters pertaining to the promotion and advancement of the foreign publishers having a presence in India.
International Publishers Association
Established in 1896, IPA's mission is to promote and protect publishing and to raise awareness for publishing as a force for economic, cultural and political development
National Translation Mission, India
NTM is a Government of India scheme to establish translation as an industry in general and, to facilitate higher education in regional languages in particular.
German Book Office (GBO) New Delhi
German Book Office (GBO) New Delhi promotes the commercial activities of Frankfurt Book Fair in the South Asian region .
Asia-Pacific Cooperative Programme in Reading Promotion and Book Development
APPREB is a UNESCO-sponsored and -supported network of regional institutions and organisations which promote book development and reading in the Asia-Pacific region.