Academic Departments
Department of Business Management
1 , Reformatory Street, Kolkata - 700 027
Phone: 2449-9418 / 2479-1645 (Ext-329)
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Year of Establishment


Courses Offered

Programme Level of Study Cut-off Mark at entry Intake Capacity
Master in Business Administration (MBA) P.G. 50% marks at Honours Level 33
Master in Human Resource and Organisational Management (MHROM) P.G. Honours Level   30
Ph.D. in Business Management Ph.D. Admission through Ph. D. Entrance Test (PET)

Faculty Members

Name of the Teacher Designation Specialisation Phone No. Email
Prof. Sitanath Mazumdar
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Professor Systems and Marketing 2413-8128
Prof. Suvasis Saha
(Received Global Award 'The Best Professor of Marketing' in the World Education Congress 2012 held at Taj Lands end on June 29 and 30, 2012)
Professor Marketing 2440-3915
Mr. Arabinda Bhattacharyya Associate Professor Statistics and Marketing 9433027904
Mr. Nabinananda Sen Associate Professor Economics 2523-6213
Ms. Mahua Bhattacharyya Associate Professor Economics 2471-9407
Dr. Ananda Mohan Pal Associate Professor Finance 2564-7213
Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee Associate Professor Human Resource 9830251744

Regulations and Syllabi

Research Work

Major thrust areas in which Research activities are being actively pursued :

Environmental Management


Operation Research



Human Resource Development

Environmental Management Research program

Research Projects and Consultancy Programs

In the preceeding years the department conducted several research projects on applied issues sponsored or supported by bodies such as Indo-Dutch Project on Development Alternatives (IDPAD), Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI), Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), West Bengal Electronics development Corporation (WBEIDC) and many others.

Ongoing Research Projects

Funding Agency & Project Title Duration in year Collaboration
University Grants Commission under SAP (DSA-I; 2011-2016) 5 years -
Impact of globalization on Urban Indian Women (UPE project) 1 year -
IMR: Estimation and Determinants under Govt. of West Bengal 2 year -
Problems & Prospects of marketing of Agricultural Produce by Small Farmers under the WTO Regime under UGC 5 years -
Monitoring of SSA and MDM 2 years  

Departmental Journal [Journal of Management Research (JBMR)] ISSN 0975 - 7767


The Journal of Business Management Research (JBMR) is the journal of the Department of Business management of the University of Calcutta. This is a blind referred Journal bearing ISSN No.:-ISSN 0975 - 7767

Established in 1985, the Department has always focussed on teaching and learning during the past years besides research (Ph. D. Programme and funded research projects). By now it has produced very distinguished batches of alumni. Since the year 2009 it has started a self-financed Post Graduate Management Program in Human Resource and Organisational Management.

The journal publishes research papers, management articles, book reviews and case studies with management orientation, in disciplines/domains of business, economics, human resource management, operations research, information systems, behavioral sciences and other areas of interest to the business community and academics.

The JBMR is published once a year. The Editorial Board of the journal consists of distinguished scholars/teachers in the management field.

Editorial Board:

 Prof. S. Majumdar
 Prof. S. Saha
 Sri A.Bhattacharyya
 Sri N. Sen
 Ms. M. Bhattacharya
 Dr. A.M.Pal
 Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee

Joint Editors: Ms. M. Bhattacharya and Dr. A. M. Pal

Call for Papers: (for the Fifth Issue)

The faculty and scholars of university management departments, management schools and other professional institutions are invited to contribute papers for publication in the journal. For every published paper, the contributor(s) will receive three copies of the reprint and one copy of the journal. The copyright of the published papers will remain with the Department of Business Management of the University.

The forthcoming issue (Vol. 5, No. 1) of the journal is expected in the month of June 2014. Contributors are requested to contribute their papers on or before November 30, 2013. Electronic submissions in the format enclosed should be submitted to the e-mail address:

A hard copy along with a soft copy in a CD should be sent to the Departmental postal address within three working days of electronic submission.

Guidelines for Authors

The journal publishes research papers centering around relevant issues, in disciplines of business, economics, human resource management, operations research, information systems, behavioral sciences, supply chain management, public sector management, urban management, environmental management and other disciplines of interest to the business community and academics.

The submitted manuscript should be an original work of the author(s) and must not have been submitted or published in any other forum / printed &/or electronic media or elsewhere. The guidelines for authors are as follows:

1. Manuscripts should be preferably within 10000 words (printed in A-4 size paper, double spaced and 12- point font). Microsoft word or Word Perfect should be the preferred software used. Manuscript should be submitted in duplicate along with a CD of the manuscript.
2. The cover page should be separate bearing the title of the manuscript, the author(s) name, designation, institution, address (postal and e.mail) with telephone number and mobile number besides the abstract. The main text should bear only the title of the paper and the text content.
3. Abstract should not be more than 200 words.
4. Tables, Charts, Maps and Diagrams should be properly numbered and titled.
5. End-notes should be numbered and detailed literature must be stated in the text (using font-size point) in an identified block below the text with the reference of literature wherever applicable.
6. References should mention only those sources that have relevance (i.e., cited) to the manuscript and should be numbered. Name(s) of Author(s) should be the same as in the original source.
 The reference should consist chronologically the following:
 • Name(s) of Author(s) ( first initial and last name)
 • Title of the work
 • Journal , the Issue or Volume No
 • Publication
 • Date of the work
 • Page no. (s)
7. The revised manuscript (if manuscript is recommended for acceptance subject to revision by the referee(s)) should follow the guidelines stated above along with submission of a separate CD and an electronic submission to the e-mail site:
8. Questionnaire(s) or detailed model(s), if any, should be the placed under Appendix.
9. Manuscripts will be considered for publication in the journal based on the feedback of the Referee.
10. Manuscript should be submitted addressed to the Joint Editor, JBMR in the following address:

 Department of Business Management
 University of Calcutta
 1, Reformatory Street
 Kolkata -700 027
Tel No: (033) 2449-9418 (11-5 PM)

On receipt of the manuscript a Code No will be assigned which must always be referred for future correspondence.
12. The author(s) will receive three complimentary copies of the issue in which the paper has been published.
13. Manuscript(s) not recommended by referees will not be sent back

The copyright of the journal and its contents belong to the Department of Business Management, University of Calcutta.

Special Course:

  1. Conducted 10 Refresher Courses on Business Issues
  2. Conducted EDP
  3. Conducted short term courses on Research Methodology and Quantitative Techniques
  4. Conducted Workshops on SPSS

Seminars, Conferences & Workshop:

Sl. No. Title of the Seminar Date & Venue No. of days
1 Environment and Development : Challenges 23rd February, 2007,  (UGC - DRS PHASE-III 01
2 Child Labour: Interventions, Policy Issues and Solutions (Seminar Lecture by Dr. G. K. Lieten) 18th January, 2008  (CSEA) 01
3 India’s Approach Towards New Economic Growth 2nd February, 2008 01
4 Environmental Degradation and River System Management: Bangladesh and West Bengal 6th March, 2008 01
5 Recent Trend in Agricultural Marketing 29th March, 2008 01
6 Global Financial Meltdown: Implications for Indian Business 15th February, 2009 01
7 Research in Management Issues: Industry-Academia Interface 20th March, 2009 01
8 Contemporary Issues in Environmental Management 29th March, 2009 01
9 The Meltdown Aftermath: Response of India Inc 17th January, 2010 01
10 The New Regime under I.F.R.S. 20th February, 2010 01
11 HR Challenges for Tomorrow’s Manager March 13, 2010 01
12 HR Management in Changing Business Scenario. 11th October, 2010 01
13 Current Focus in Functional Areas of Management 7th July, 2011 01
14 Job Oriented Management Education: Expectations and Experiences of Corporate Leaders” 10th August, 2011 at Hotal Hindusthan International, Kolkata 01
15 Management Education in University: Industry Perceptions November 23, 2011 ½ day
16 FDI in Retail Marketing: Perspectives, Impacts and Way ahead December 17, 2011 01
17 Green Development for West Bengal: Perspectives and Way Forward March 26, 2012, DSA-I Programme 01
18 IND AS 1 & Revised Schedule VI June 9, 2012 01
19 University Based Management Education: Gateway to Industry September 24, 2012 01
20 Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management October 12, 2012 ½ day
21 Contemporary, Trends in Marketing February 19,2013 01
22 Benchmarking Environmental Initiatives March 26, 2013, DSA-I Programme of UGC 01
23 Contemporary Issues in Finance: Proposals of the Companies Bill 2012 In collaboration with IAA Kolkata Branch
May 24, 2013