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Centre for Urban Economic Studies

Centre for Urban Economic Studies
Department of Economics
Calcutta University Alipur Campus
1, Reformatory Street, A-wing, 6th Floor,
Kolkata 700027
Phone: 24790156/24399414
Fax: +91-33-24790156

Year of Establishment


About the Centre

The centre was established as a research centre by the University under the special assistance programme of University Grants Commission in the Department of Economics with urban economics as the thrust area. For the last quarter of a century, it has established itself as a premier multi-disciplinary research centre of urban studies in India. A number of dissertations done under the guidance of faculty members have been awarded M.Phil and Ph.D degrees. Apart from publishing books, monographs, discussion papers and database for urban studies and a bi-annual newsletter, it has been regularly holding workshops, seminars and short-term courses on different aspects of urban studies. It has been engaged in different type of collaborative activities with other organisations like Indian Council of Social Science Research, Anthropological Survey of India. Other than the regular faculty members and research staffs of the Centre, it also accommodates eminent researchers on urban topics from related disciplines like Political Science, Sociology, Geography, History, as honorary associates. It also offers Urban Economics and Urban Planning as optional papers as a part of the post-graduate course in Economics.

Faculty Members

Name Specialisation Telephone No. E-mail Address
Associate Professor
Mahalaya Chatterjee Urban Economics
Managerial Economics
Financial Economics
Sudakshina Gupta Transport Economics
Economic Theory
Research Associate
Dhiraj Kumar Bandopadyay Computer Applications
Development & Macro Economics
24363441 (R)

Ongoing Research

Topic Researcher
Urbanisation in India: Census 2011 Mahalaya Chatterjee
Urbanisation, Industrialisation and Social Sector in West Bengal: The macrodyanamics Dhiraj Kumar Bandopadhyay
Changing Profile Of Ports and Its Influence on the Port Towns Of India: 1980-2010’’ Aparna Banerjee
Role of Urban Passenger Transport in the Growth and Development of Kolkata Metropolitan Area: 1971-2011   Koyel Bhattacharjee
Performance of Public Passenger Bus Transport Aparajita Mukherjee
Land Use, Land Market and Urban Planning in Kolkata Ruma Bose
Colonial and Post Colonial Urban Development in West Bengal Aditi Chatterji
Urbanisation in North East India Malabika Dasgupta
Urban Transport Planning in Kolkata and Howrah Anis Mukhopadyay
Urban Infrastructure Finance in Small and Medium Towns of West Bengal Arup Kumar Mishra
Empowerment among self-employed urban women Sumana Das
Small and Medium Industries in West Bengal Dola Chattopadyay

Research Projects Funded by External Agencies (ongoing)

Agency Project Co-ordinator
Centre for Policy Research Auto-rickshaws of Kolkata: An Explorative Study Dr. Mahalaya Chatterjee
UPE-UGC  Interdisciplinary Project Impact of Globalisation on Urban Indian Women Dr. Sudakshina Gupta
Indian Council of Historical Research Colonial and Post-colonial Urban Development in West Bengal Dr. Aditi Chatterji

Research Projects Funded by External Agencies (completed)

Agency Project Co-ordinator
Indian Council for Social Science Research Economic Transition and Urbanization at Malda: Impact of Dutch and English Trade (1600 – 1770)”

Dr. Anis Mukhopadhyay
Indian Council for Social Science Research Location Theory in Retrospect: Determinants of Location for Manufacturing and ITES firms in and around Calcutta Metropolis Dr. Mahalaya Chatterjee
Asiatic  Society Economic Impact of Raids on the Economy of the Shifting Cultivators of Tripura Malabika Dasgupta
Indian Council for Social Science Research Ethnicity, Migration and Urban Landscape of Kolkata
Aditi Chatterji
National Commission for Women Land Rights of Women in Tripura Malabika Dasgupta
Resource Centre for Asia-Pacific (Australian National University) Mining, Urbanisation, Environment and Gender in Raniganj Coalbelt Mahalaya Chatterjee
Change Management Unit (CMU), Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor (KUSP), Govt. of West Bengal Preparation of Long-term and Short-term Strategy of Howrah Development and Rejuvenation Plan (HDRP) Pabitra Kumar Giri (completed by Mahalaya Chatterjee after his sudden demise)


List of Publications by CUES

Discussion Paper Series

  1. Solid Waste Management in Calcutta Metropolis – Pabitra Giri and Sulipi De (May 1992)
  2. Waterlogging and Issues Relating to Drainage in Calcutta Metropolitan District –Arpita Bhattacharyya (June 1992)
  3. The Structure and Working of an Urban Labour Market in India: A Survey of Two Residential Locations in Calcutta –
    Asis Kumar Banerjee
    (July 1992)
  4. Evolution and Growth of Municipal Towns in Calcutta Metropolitan Area –Mahalaya Chatterjee (August 1992)
  5. Wholesale Market: Study of a Market in Calcutta –Projjwal Sengupta  (September 1992)
  6. Thika Tenancy in Bustees of Calcutta: A Study – Swati Ghosh (October 1992)
  7. Aspects of Goods Flow in Calcutta Metropolitan Area –Pabitra Giri (November 1992)
  8. Housing in Calcutta: Problems and Policy Issues – Nipa Ghosh (December 1992)
  9. The Metro Rail of Calcutta: A Study – Kuntala Lahiri  (January 1993)
  10. Passenger Transport in Calcutta Metropolitan District –Sudeshna Sen  (February 1993)
  11. Consumption and Income in Calcutta Metropolitan Area – Indrani Chakrabarty (March 1993)
  12. Some Aspects of Calcutta Port – Arun Prasad Sen (April 1993)
  13. Metropolitan Growth and Demographic Changes in Calcutta –Pabitra Giri and Sukla Bhaduri (May 1993)
  14. Urban Environmental Issues: A Study of Calcutta – Ashish K. Ghosh (January 1994)
  15. Calcutta Port: Problems and Prospects – Sachinandan Sau (February 1994)
  16. Urban Decentralization: A Case Study of Kalyani Township –Nandita Dasgupta (August 1994)
  17. Urban Sanitation Problems: A Study of Calcutta –Swadesh Kumar Bhattacharya (September 1994)
  18. Market Towns in Tamilnadu and West Bengal – Eight Development Issues for Field Research and Action – Barbara Harriss-White (June 1997)
  19. Wetlands and Urban Environment - Ashish K. Ghosh, Sivabrata Chatterjee and K. J. Nath (July 1999)
  20. Contrasting Urban Patterns: West Bengal, Punjab and Kerala –Biplab Dasgupta (May 2000)
  21. The Indian Hill Stations: A Study in Social Space – Aditi Chatterji (July 2000)
  22. Transportation Policy for the Control of Vehicular Air Pollution in Urban Areas: Applying Lessons from North to Calcutta, India – Madumati Dutta (September 2001)
  23. Urbanisation in the Pre-colonial Bengal –Biplab Dasgupta (December 2001)
  24. Emerging Issues in Bio-Medical Waste Management – Sushma Wadhwani (January 2002)
  25. Urbanization and Agricultural Change in North-Eastern India – J. B. Ganguly (October 2003)
  26. An Analytical Study of the Growth Experience in the Small Industries of Howrah and Burdwan Districts, 1988-2000 – Nandita Basak (October 2003)
  27. Truck Terminals in Kolkata Metropolitan Area: Master Planning and Market Response – Anis Mukhopadhyay (August 2004)
  28. Labour Market Segregation and Gender Bias –Pampa Sengupta (September 2004)
  29. Urbanisation, Migration and Urban Society in Colonial Bengal - Biplab Dasgupta (December 2005)
  30. The Growth Experience of the Small Scale Industries of North 24 Parganas and Medinipur Districts, West Bengal, 1988-2001- Nandita Basak (October 2007)
  31. An Environmental Valuation of an Urban Wetland: A Case Study of the Jodhpur Park Lake – Simanti Banerjee and Ashish K. Ghosh (2007)
  32. Evolution and Growth of Municipal Towns in Kolkata Metropolitan Area –Mahalaya Chatterjee (August 2008)
  33. Polluting Behaviour of Different Modes of Transport in Big Cities and Policy Implications for Pollution Reduction: The Case of Kolkata, India – Madhumati Dutta, Mohit Roy and Sudip K. Roy (July 2009)

Database Series

  1. Functional Classification of Urban Areas in India 1961, 1971, 2001 –Mahalaya Chatterjee and Pabitra Giri (August 2001)

Courses offered:

Department Campus Subject
Award Eligibility Selection
Fee Structure Student
Centre for Urban Economic Studies
(Department of Economics)
 (Alipore Campus) Urban
Management & Planning
PG Certificate Graduate in any discipline Counselling Six months Admission form: Rs. 100/-(non-refundable)
Course fee: rs. 8500/- (payable in two instalments0