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Department of Chemical Engineering
92, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road,
Kolkata - 700 009
Phone : (033) 2350 9937 / 8386 / 6387 / 6396 / 1397

History and Background

The University of Calcutta is a pioneering institute in introducing post-graduate studies in Applied Science in 1920's. At the initiative of the great educationist, Sir Asutosh Mukhopadhyay and Sir P.C.Roy, the department of Applied Chemistry came into existence in 1920 along with sister Technology departments. Professor H.K.Sen became the first professor and Head of the department of Applied Chemistry. It was a two year M.Sc course in Applied Chemistry with Chemical Engineering as its main subject. After continuous re-structuring and updating of courses, a three year M.Sc Tech course in Applied Chemistry was introduced in the department in 1951. Later it was further revised to a two year B.Tech. and one year M.Tech. course in Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology in 1959. In 1968, under the initiative of the Ministry of Education, the Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology course was re-structured to three year B.Tech. and two year M.Tech. courses. In 1977, the degree of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology was renamed as degree in Chemical Engineering with subsequent changes in course structure. In January 1982, the department of Chemical Engineering came into existence out of the parent department of Applied Chemistry with a student intake of 40. The department now offers a three year B.Tech. and four semester M.Tech. course in Chemical Engineering. The students after receiving sound training in this department have proved to be equal to the stringent technical man-power requirement of Indian Chemical Industries. Most of them are placed of highly responsible positions including several top-most administrative posts and some of the alumni have distinguished themselves in professional achievements abroad.

Courses Offered

Programme Level of Study Cut-off Mark at entry Intake Capacity
B.Tech (3 year) P.G. Variable (In Order of Merit) 40
M.Tech (2-year) (4 Semester) P.G. Variable (In Order of Merit) 25
Ph. D. Doctoral

Admission Eligibility

A candidate who has passed three years B.Sc. Examination with Chemistry (Hons), Physics & Mathematics from University of Calcutta or its equivalent is eligible for admission to three year Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) course in Chemical Engineering of University of Calcutta.

A candidate who has passed the B.Tech. Examination in Chemical Engineering from University of Calcutta or an equivalent examination recognised by the University, is eligible for admission to four semester Master of Technology (M.Tech) course in Chemical Engineering of University of Calcutta.

Faculty Members

Name Specialisation Telephone No. E-mail Address
Head of the Department
Dr. Asim Kumar De Environmental Engineering 2350 1397 (O)
2537 2894 (R)
Dr. Parameswar De Transport Phenomena, Process Instrumentation and Control 2350 1397 (O)
2511 1332 (R)
94330 10927 (M)
Dr. Shekhar Bhattacharjee Environmental Engineering, Pollution Control, Separation Processes 2350 1397 (O)
2359 3990 (R)
Associate Professor
Dr. Ranjan Kumar Basu Reaction Engineering , Process Development 2350 1397 (O)
2511 1648 (R)
Dr. Sudip Kumar Das Environmental Engg. Multiphase Flow, CFD 2350 1397 (O)
2556 7650 (R)
Dr. Soumendra Nath Ash Chemical Engineering, Thermodynamics 2350 1397 (O)
2667 0509 (R)
Dr. Asim Kumar De Environmental Engineering 2350 1397 (O)
2537 2894 (R)
Dr. Sampa Chakrabarti Heat transfer, Mass transfer, Environmental Engineering 2350 1397 (O)
2500 5070 (R)
Dr. Amitava Bandyopadhyay Mass Transfer, Fuel Technology, Environmental Engg. 2350 1397(0)
Lecturer in Selection Grade
Mr. Bhaskar Chandra Das Chemical Reaction Engineering 2350 1397 (O)
95317457897 (R)
Mr. Kaushik Ganguly Interphase Phenomena 2350 1397 (O)
2551 2450 (R)
Assistant Professor
Dr. Debasish Sarkar Mathematical Modelling 2350 1397 (O)
2522 3808 (R)
Dr. Asit Baran Biswas Environmental Engg., Multiphase Flow 2350 1397 (O)
94331 61843(M)
Dr. Paramartha Mukhopadhyay Reaction Engineering, Process Instrumentation 2350 1397 (O)
2485 1229 (R)

Research Work

Major Thrust Area in which Research Activities are being actively pursued in the department :

Transport processes in multiphase system

A solid-liquid heterogeneous reaction

Artificial Neural Network

Fuzzy Logic Control

Preparation of Gold Nanoparticles

Interphase phenomenon

Fluidization and Inverse Fluidization

Bio pulping and utilization of biological wastes

Microbial production of Lipase and Protein - enzymes for agricultural wastes

Removal of heavy and toxic metals from industrial wastes

Removal of dyes from textile effluents by adsorption with agricultural waste

Photocatalytic oxidation of refractory organics

Bioleaching of silica from Indian Pyrolusite, dolomite and chromite ores

Preparation of soluble protein from fish scales

Production of bio-gas and organic fertilizer from waste hyacinth

Microbial Desulphurization of Indian Coal

Removal of heavy and toxic metals from industrial wastes

Sonochemical synthesis of semiconductor nanoparticles

Environmental application of solar photochemistry

Photocatalytic oxidation of refractory organics


Sponsored Research Projects during Last Five Years

Application of ANN in Chemical Engineering 1996-1999 Rs. 5.00Lakh AICTE
Studies on Liquid-Liquid and Solid-LiquidDispersion 1998-2003 Rs. 2.85 Lakh UGC
Advanced oxidation of Refractory organics withUV /TiO2 /O2 2000-2002 Rs. 4.25Lakh AICTE
Studies on Microbial Treatment of fish scale- a source of soluble protein and fertilization 1999-2002 Rs. 3.3 Lakh Ministry ofFood Processing & Horticulture,Govt. of W.B
Studies on solubilization of Indian Rock Phosphates by A.Niger 1995-2000 Rs. 3.73Lakh UGC
UV enhanced oxidative degradation of hazardous and refractory organics in process effluents 2000-2002 Rs. 4.5Lakh DST, Govt.of India
Detoxification of hazardous solid wastes containing mercury and compounds by Chemical oxidation 1997-2000 Rs. 0.67Lakh WBPCB
Microbial desulpharization of Indian Coal 1997-2000 Rs. 5.00Lakh AICTE
Flow resin for gas liquid flow for small diameter inclined pipes 1998-2002 Rs. 1.4 Lakh UGC
Development of a low cost washing system of waste plastics 1998-2000 Rs. 1.6Lakh WBPCB
Detoxification of hazardous solid wastes containing mercury by Chemical oxidation with chlorine and its compounds 2003-2006 Rs. 2.95Lakh AICTE
Robust Control Development for real time application in process control 2000-2003 Rs. 5.00Lakh UGC
Phase inversion in Agitated Liquid-Liquid Dispersion 2002-2005 Rs. 4.75Lakh AICTE
Photocatalytic degradation of P V C using Zinc Oxide as semi-conductor catalyst under Artificial/ Solar UV Irradiation 2 yrs 2006-2008 completed Rs. 4.94 lakhs AICTE
On the removal of hexavalent chromium from waste water 2009 -2012 Rs. 9.61 Lakh UGC
Utilization of zinc oxide semiconductor nanoparticles for wastewater treatment in presence of sunlight 2009 –(max 3 years) Rs. 2.0 Lakh per year + 1 Project Fellow Centre for research in nanoscience & nanotechnology, C.U

Placement Scenario of Our Alumni in India and Abroad in Last 25 Years



For imparting effective teaching and practical training, the Department of Chemical Engineering is equipped with a large number of computers. There are about thirty computers, mainly PC's of which about half are 486 based machines. Moreover several Pentium machines are available in the Department. These computers are available to students, research scholars & teachers for teaching and research works. Teachers & students also have access to various scientific & design software packages, some of which have been developed in this very Department. The facilities are continuously updated in an effort to provide the students with latest machines & softwares. There is also a Central Computer Centre which provides computational facilities with modern computers and offers courses which are most essential in today standards. E-mail & partial internal connections are also available. In addition, work on library networking & full internet connectivity through VSAT for this campus (Rashbehari Prangan) is also available.


The library complex caters to the needs of the students and faculty. It has maintained a good stock of text and reference books in Chemical Engineering and allied subject. Students also have the facilities of the central journal library of the university, which maintains a continuous flow of Indian & Foreign journals of repute. It has also a good collection of journals on related subjects. It also has reprographic facilities. Students & members of the faculty are entitled to use the libraries of the other departments in the campus such as Departments of Applied Physics, Radiophysics, Electronics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics & Applied Mathematics.


A well-equipped workshop is also available to cater to the needs of the students as well as research scholars. Analytical instruments such as gas-chromatograph, HPLC, UV-vis spectrophotometer, IR spectrometer, etc. are available for use in B.Tech. / M.Tech. Project and Research work.

Special Achievement
AICTE - INAE Distinguished Visiting Professor

AICTE & INAE jointly ventured the scheme a few years back. Ours is the only department in the University being awarded with a Visiting Professor under the scheme, during the academic session 2003 -04. We have the opportunity of having Dr. T. K. Ray, chairman, CMDC Design (P) Ltd., New Delhi in our midst as a Distinguished Visiting Professor.

For information contact:

The Head
Department of Chemical Engineering
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