Academic Departments
Department of Chemical Technology
92, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Kolkata - 700 009
Phone :2350 1014 / 1397 / 1857 / 6387 / 6396 / 8386
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Year of Establishment

Erstwhile Applied Chemistry Department was trifurcated in the year 1982. The department of Chemical Technology is one of them.

Courses Offered

Programme Level of Study Cut-off Mark at entry Intake Capacity
B.Tech in Chemical Technology (Ceramic Engineering) U.G./ Post B.Sc. (Chemistry Hon.) In order of Merit 09
B.Tech in Chemical Technology (Oil Technology) U.G./ Post B.Sc. (Chemistry Hon.) In order of Merit 09
B.Tech in Chemical Technology
(Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemical Technology)
U.G./ Post B.Sc. (Chemistry Hon.) In order of Merit 09
B. Tech in Chemical Technology
(Petrochemicals & Petroleum Refinery Engineering)
U.G./Post B.Sc. (Chemistry Hon.) Do 09
M.Tech in Ceramic Engineering P.G. Do 10 +
5 (sponsored)
M.Tech in Oil Technology P.G. Do 10 +
5 (sponsored)
M.Tech in Pharmaceuticals & fine Chemical Technology P.G. Do 10 +
5 (sponsored)
M.Tech in Petrochemicals & Petrolium Refinery Engineering P.G. Do 10 +
5 (sponsored)
Ph.D. Doctoral

Faculty Members

Name Specialisation
A. Basumajumdar Ceramic Engineering
P. K. Das Poddar Ceramic Engineering
R. Majumdar Ceramic Engineering
T. K. Paria Ceramic Engineering
T. K.Bhattacharyya Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals Technology
S. Biswas Oil Technology
A. Mukherjee Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals Technology
Mrs. D. Biswas Petrochemicals & Petroleum Refinery Engineering
S Mukhopadhya Ceramic Engineering
Mrs. S. Datta Pharmaceuticals & Fine ChemicalsTechnology
A. Saha Pharmaceuticals & Fine ChemicalsTechnology
U. Ray Chaudhuri Petrochemicals & Petroleum Refinery Engineering
S. Ghosh Oil Technology
Mrs. M. Ghosh Oil Technology

Research Work

Thrust Areas

Major thrust areas in which research activities are being actively pursued :

Lipid Biotechnology

Lipid Nutrition of unsaturated fatty acids and modified fats

Enzyme Biotechnology

Computer simulated Drug Design

Nonsteroidal antifertility Drugs from Natural Sources

Nanoparticular antineoplastic drug delivery systems

Ceramic Membranes

Monolithic Refractories

Fly Ash Utilization

Environmental Engineering

Catalytic Reaction in Petroleum under high pressure ( like Hydrocracking )

Characterization and applications of sol-gel materials

Ongoing Research Projects

Funding Agency Collaboration (if any)
CSIR Coates of India, Kolkata
CSIR Kanchan Oil Industries