Welcome to the University of Calcutta – Calcutta Stock Exchange Centre of Excellence in Financial Markets (CUCSE-CEFM), a centre that is dedicated to multidisciplinary study and research in financial markets. It is a collaborative effort of the Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta and the Calcutta Stock Exchange and it functions as an independent body within the framework of the University of Calcutta. The centre has been designed to share and leverage the expertise of the two sterling institutions, towards advancing the understanding of financial markets/system and protection of the interests of the retail investors. The objectives are congruent with those of regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. To that end, the centre has conducted several awareness programmes for the students of various colleges and universities, has started running specialized courses on capital markets and pursuing scholastic research. This centre is few among its kind in India and a pioneer in the eastern region. Within a short span of time, since 2013, the centre has actively started to examine select issues that acutely confront the financial system in India. At present, the centre is focusing on three thrust areas: capital markets, financial inclusiveness, and ethics in financial markets. The centre plans to conduct diploma courses soon. The centre is set on a journey where it can contribute to the balance of entrepreneurial drive, investor friendliness and social responsibility in financial markets.

From the Director’s Desk

My Dear Visitor,

It gives me immense pleasure to dedicate the website of the University of Calcutta – Calcutta Stock Exchange Centre of Excellence in Financial Markets (CUCSE-CEFM) to you. This centre is a unique alliance of two leading institutions in India, both with a long and proud history of excellence in their spheres of existence. This webpage has been designed to provide useful information to you about the various facets of the centre. I strongly believe that over time the website will be highly informative to those interested in the centre’s activities.

I wish you an enriching experience while you stay with us.

With best regards,

Prof. Ashish Kumar Sana

Goals & Objectives

Capital Markets’ activities have grown exponentially over the years in India and there is a serious dearth of professionals having in-depth knowledge in this stream and lack of understanding within the population at large. In order to provide remedy to the shortcomings and in view of its vision and mission, the centre has identified the following major goals in the short term and long-term horizon.

Short Term Goals

• To undertake research and publications in the three thrust areas of capital markets, financial inclusiveness, and ethics in financial markets.

• The efforts shall be supplemented by seminars, conferences and outreach programmes for increasing investors’ awareness.

• The centre aims to develop its human resource into competent researchers.

Long Term Goals

• The centre offers 5 days certificate and intends to offers 6 month diploma courses, best within the industry, which would foster the development of financial markets with skilled finance professionals.

• Further long term goals include improvement in the syllabi/ curricula at different academic levels.

• The centre aims to serve as an excellent and reliable means for providing practical training and evaluation of students, research scholars and faculty members of the Department of Commerce and allied departments, within the University of Calcutta, its affiliated colleges and other similar educational and research institutions committed to the study, research and teaching on financial markets.