The financial sector legislative reforms have an overarching purpose to foster the financial services industry to provide the best possible intermediation to the participants in India’s financial system, and its financial markets in particular. It’s widely believed that human expertise is considerably important than the technological assistance to achieve quality intermediation. This opinion has gained traction since the global financial crisis of 2008. In this context, it is of supreme importance that India has a huge strength of competent and conscientious human resource, domain knowledge and integrity. The international experience has been to impart the knowledge and code of conduct through a systematic approach of imparting knowledge of financial markets, subsequent assessment and certification at last. In fact, it has become the accepted practice in financial markets to employ professionals with proper certification. India is a case in point. However, there are few recognized institutions who offer such formal education and assurance. CUCSE-CEFM envisages to take a step in this direction by undertaking various awareness initiatives described below.

  • The certification programs are one of the steps in this direction. Designed by experts from the Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) and University of Calcutta (CU), the courses are believed to be the right blend of theory and practice that will endow the students with the competencies to meet their responsibilities. The course modules range from an understanding of the Indian Financial Markets and System, Wealth Management, Investment Analysis, Mutual Funds, Insurance and Wealth Management. The modules will be taught by experts and evaluated by the centre in a friendly and unbiased manner. Merit is the sole criteria for testing. Successful participants will be certified jointly by the authorised representatives of CSE and CU. The modules are in close consistency with those of the National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) certifications and National Stock Exchange (NSE)’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM). The modules are expected to substantially enhance the employability of the course participants.
  • Furthermore, the centre has initiated orientation programmes at various educational institutions in West Bengal towards the twin-objectives of investor awareness and development of a dedicated pool of personnel for the financial services industry.
  • Centre organises Special Lectures on ‘Recent Development in Global Financial Markets’ for enhancing the knowledge base of the research scholars and students on current issues of Financial Markets.
  • Centre also organises Round Table Discussion on issues holding huge importance in the field of Financial Markets. The roundtable discussion is an opportunity for the participants to get together in an informal setting to examine important issues as they relate to the specific issues of Finance.
  • Centre organises workshop on financial derivatives.
  • Above them all Centre even organises International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Capital Market once in a year with experts from all over the world invited as Speakers. It gives chances for connectivity, resources and opportunities. It also facilitates flourishment and exchange of new ideas. The interactive environment which a conference provides is very beneficial for the young researchers.