Working Paper Series

1. This centre published its first working paper on three topics

Sl No Topic Contributor
1. CAPITAL MARKET Dr. Malayendu Saha, Professor, Dept. of Commerce, and Former Director, CUCSE-CEFM, University of Calcutta
2. FINANCIAL INCLUSIVENESS Dr. Jita Bhattacharya , Senior most Professor, Dept. of Commerce, and Former Dean, Commerce and Management,  University of Calcutta
3  ETHICS IN FINANCIAL MARKETS Dr. Kanika Chatterjee, Professor,  Dept. of Commerce, University of Calcutta

2. The Centre is publishing a Monthly Newsletter entitled as ‘Finlight’ containing news related to Regulatory bodies, Economics, Banking, Capital Markets, Financial Inclusion, Insurance, Global news and various other articles/write ups on contemporary issues of Financial Markets.

Year and Issue Year and Issue Year and Issue
May-June, 2013 (Vol-1, No.1) January-March,2014 (Vol 2,No. 1) January, 2015(Vol 3,No.1)
July-September, 2013 (Vol-1, No.2) April-June,2014 (Vol 2,No.2) February, 2015 (Vol 3,No.2)
  July-September,2014 (Vol 2,No.3) March, 2015 (Vol 3,No.3)
October-December,2014(Vol 2,No.4) April, 2015 (Vol 3,No.4)
May, 2015 (Vol 3,No.5)
June, 2015 (Vol 3,No.6)
July, 2015 (Vol 3,No.7)
August,2015 (Vol 3,No.8)
September, 2015 (Vol 3,No.9)