Name Designation Area of specialization Email Phone Number
Regular Faculty :
Dr. Ashok Kumar Das Associate Professor Graph Theory & Combinatorics.  
Dr. Dhananjoy Mandal Associate Professor Set-Topology
Dr. Sandip Jana Assistant Professor & H.O.D. Functional Analysis, Topology
Dr. Avishek Adhikari Assistant Professor Applications of Algebra, Cryptography, Cryptanalysis of Stream Ciphers and Block Ciphers, Secret Sharing, DNA Cryptography, Visual Cryptography, Algebraic Graph Theory    
Dr. Sunil Kumar Maity Assistant Professor Abstract Algebra  
Dr. Atasi Deb Ray Assistant Professor Topology & Fuzzy Topology  
Dr. Pradip Majhi Assistant Professor Differential Geometry
Dr. Suparna Sen Assistant Professor Harmonic Analysis  
Guest Faculty :
Prof. Sudip Kumar Acharyya Professor (Retired) Rings of Continuous Functions 9433843908
Prof. Manabendra Nath Mukherjee Professor (Retired) Topology and Functional Analysis or
Prof. Manjusha Majumdar (nee Tarafdar) Professor (Retired) Advanced Differential Geometry 9831181988