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Department of Sociology


Year of Establishment : 1975, fucntional-1976-1977

History of the department : The Department of Sociology at University of Calcutta was set-up in 1975 and functional in 1976 and currently running M.A., M.Phil. & Ph.D coursework. It will complete forty years in 2016. With semester system of teaching and examination the department offers a 900 marks Master degree having compulsory components of Fieldwork and Term paper writing and a choice from six optional papers of 200 marks. Incidentally, Sociology was being taught as a subsidiary in M.A. Economics since 1909 and also as a special paper in Political Science. It was in 1975 that the University Grants Commission approved the Department of Sociology at the University of Calcutta with Bela DuttGupta, then Reader in the Department of Political Science, as Head of Sociology. Subsequently, Prof. Bela DuttGupta, a nationally acclaimed Sociologist became Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Chair Professor at Calcutta and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement by Indian Sociological Society in October 2009. Other faculties were Professor Debkumar Banerjee, Prof. Swapan Kr. Bhattacharyya, Prof. Swapan Kr. Pramanik, Prof. Bholanath Banerjee, and Dr. Krishna Chakraborty all of whom have retired. The Department started publishing its own journal from 1980 that was re-launched as a refereed journal from 2007; the last issue of 2013-2014 is on racks.

At present, the Department has eleven posts with four full time teachers and fifteen guest teachers.

  • Prof. BulaBhadra
    Elected Executive Board Member in (RC-Women in Society and Sociology of Childhood)…International Sociological Association…2014-2018…& Convener of RC 24 (Sociology of Childhood and Youth) - Indian Sociological Society -2012.
  • Prof. Basabi Sur
    An Alumnus of the department is a professor in the department.
  • Dr. Gayatri Bhattacharya
    An Alumnus and Associate Professor is the convener of RC-17 Sociology of Social Movements of Indian Sociological Society (ISS)
  • Dr. Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee
    An Alumnus, an Associate Professor and HOD. Elected Member in the Executive board of the Association of Gerontology India, Co-convener of RC-19 Sociology of Ageing of Indian Sociological Society.

There were four UPE-UGC major collaborative projects with Applied Psychology, Linguistics, History and Library & Information Science departments.
Most faculty members of the Department contribute to different non-governmental organizations and to both print and electronic media as experts very often. Most faculty members are involved in outreach activities.

The Department has already produced a handsome number of students who are employed in different national and international Institutes of repute. Some Alumni are named here.

Sl. Name Designation Institutio
1. Prof. Sujata Sen     Professor,   Kalayani University
2 Prof.Ranu Jain Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
3 Prof. Biswajit Ghosh  Professor Burdwan University
4  Prof. S.A.H. Moinuddin  Professor Vidyasagar University
5 Prof. Shuita Chopra Chatterjee  Professor  IIT Kharagpur
6 Prof. Anirban Banerjee    Professor Burdwan University
7 Prof. RamanujGanguly      Professor   West Bengal State University
8 Dr. RituSenChaudhuri    Associate Professor West Bengal State University
9  Dr. Piyali Sur        Assistant Professor,    Jadavpur University
10  Dr. Nabamita Das Assistant Professor Presidency University
11 Dr. ArpitaMitra Assistant Professor KISS Law- Bhubaneswar
12  Mr. Subhasis Banerjee  Assistant Professor BE College-IIEST Sibpur
13  Dr. Ananda MohonKar Assistant Professor Burdwan University
14 Ms. Pujasri Chatterjee Assistant Professor Vidyasagar  University
15  Ms. SrabantiChaudhuri Assistant Professor Netaji Open University
16 Ms. Sreyosi Ray  Assistant Professor Heritage Institute of Management Studies

  • Prof. BelaDutt Gupta Memorial Lecture- Annually held
  • 1st Lecture- “Selective Appropriation of Gender Ideology: The MahilaAghadi of the Farmers’ Movement in Maharastra, 1996-2004” - by Prof. D.N. Dhanagare, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla;
  • 2nd Lecture- “Gender Representation in Higher Education: Going Beyond Numbers” , by Prof. Karuna Chanana, (Rtd), Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University.


Faculty members:

Name Designation Area of specialization Email Phone number
Dr. Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee (HOD)
Associate Professor Research Methodology, Social Gerontology, Sociology of Organization, Sociology of Medicine and Illness sudeshnabasumukerjee@gmail.com; sudeshnabasumukherjee@yahoo.com 9830021103

Visiting faculty members :

Name Institutions attached with Period of appointment
Prof.  BulaBhadra INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, JOKA, 2006(August-October)
Dr. Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee Department of Sociology
Vidyasagar University
Visiting Fellow
March 2012- 2013


Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
P.G. in Sociology   B.A. in Sociology 58
M.Phil   M.A. 15
Ph. D Coursework   As per CU Rules As per vacancy


Research scholars :

Name Research topic Name of the supervisor Date of registration
Ananya Chatterjee Friendship Relationships Among Adolescents in Kolkata: A Sociological Investigation Dr. Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee 25/04/2012
Ananya Sarkar Shopping Malls and Consumer Culture in Kolkata Today: A Sociological Enquiry Prof. Bholanath Banerjee 12.04.2012
Anisha Sen Women Medical Professionals in Kolkata: A Sociological Investigation Prof. Bula Bhadra 29/01/2014
Anuja Gupta A Sociological Study of Brata among Women in the Howrah District of West Bengal Prof. Bholanath Banerjee 11.03.2016
Arundhati Ghosh Dastidar School as a Social System Dr. Gayatri Bhattacharyya 12/08/2012
Deepika Singh Networked Individual and Networked Family in India:A Sociological Exploration of Youth of Kolkata Prof. BulaBhadra 22/09/2015
Eesha Moktan A Tribe in Search of Identity: The Tamangs in West Bengal Dr. Gayatri Bhattacharyya 23.07.2013
Jayeeta Basu Professional Women and Glass ceiling: A Sociological Study of Women Lawyers of Kolkata Prof. Bula Bhadra 25/04/2012
Jayita Das Educational Status Among Shia and Sunni Muslim Women in Kolkata: An Intergenerational Study Prof. Bholanath Banerjee 08.03.2013
KamleshSahu Schizophrenia and Social Stigma: A Sociological Investigation of Everyday Experience of Families. Dr. Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee 02/01/2013
Kousambi Chakraborty Rural Development in India: A Study on the Contributions of Rabindranath Tagore Prof. Bholanath Banerjee 08.03.2013
Manjari Sengupta Women Software Professionals and Fashion in Kolkata: A Sociological Investigation Dr. Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee 21/01/2013
Maitreyi Chakrabarti From Victimhood to Agency: A Sociological study of Women Offenders in a Correctional Institution of Kolkata Prof. Bula Bhadra 14.03.2011
Meghna Bose Iravati Karve’s Contributions To Sociology of India Dr. Gayatri Bhattacharyya 31/03/2015
Mousumi Mukherjee Social Life in Old age Homes In Kolkata: A Sociological Study. Prof. Bholanath Banerjee 26.11.2012
Pujasree Chatterjee Changing Nature of Work Life: An Investigation among the University Faculty of West Bengal Dr. Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee 11/03/2016
Punyarupa Bhaduri Nature and Extent of Domestic  Elderly Abuse in Kolkata and its Adjacent Areas: A sociological Study Prof. Bholanath Banerjee      02.01.2013
Saheli Chowdhury Women Athletes of West Bengal : A Sociological Investigation of Gendering, Exclusion and Marginalization Prof. Bula Bhadra 17/12/2012
Sanchari De Career Choice: A Sociological Exploration Among Secondary  and  Higher Secondary Students in Kolkata Dr. Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee 02/03/2016
Srabanti Choudhuri Understanding Indian Society: A Study on the Contributions of N.K.Bose Prof. Bholanath Banerjee 12.08.2011
Suvankar Dasgupta Feminist Cinema and Indian Society: A Sociological Gaze and Assay of Selective Indian Cinema Prof. Bula Bhadra 10.11.10
Cntd. 11/11/2015
Tapobrata Ray An Analysis of the Impact of the Socio – cultural Environment on Business Decisions and Strategy from the point of view of Corporate Members. Prof. Basabi Sur 05/06/2015

Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic department/ centre :



Currently Interdisciplinary researches are undertaken :

  • Sociology of Childhood; Ageing, Gender, Economy, Socio-Linguistics, SocialMovement,Sociology and Literature.
  • Changing spheres of life in the context of rise of an information and networked society, families and individuals and the weaker sections.
  • Sociology of Education, Sports, Gendered realm of Medical and Legal Professions,
  • Sociology and Fashion in Everyday social life, Contemporary Youth Friendship.
  • Sociology of Illness, Medicine and Society
  • Technology-Society Interface and its Challenges and Prospects,
  • Information Need and Rural community

Teaching support :

  • e- learning is encouraged and resources are provided for better reference.

Research support:

Name of the equipment Brief description Funding agency
LCD Projectors& Internet Class room teaching UNIVERSITY
Internet For research scholars and students UNIVERSITY

Major activities :
International and National Lectures

  • Why do the Nation States of Europe Need Protection in Legislation? The example of Swedish language policy and legislation since 2000; Sally Boyd Professor of General Linguistics Dept of Philosophy, Linguistics & Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg , Sweden, 8th December 2010. Funded By CU.
  • Female Body Image: Traditions, Social Construction and Commodification in the Global Marriage market’ Dr. AditiMitra of Colorado University, 11th of January 2011. Funded by CU.
  • 'Health, Environment and Gender Intersections’ Prof. Laura Corradi, University of Calabria, South- Italy, February 28, 2011; Funded by CU – BI
  • Collapse of Aryan Invasion/Immigration Theory and the Establishment of Indigenism; Prof. Nicholas Kazanas; Director, IMILOS Meleton Cultural Institute, Greece, 2011 Funded by CU.
  • Human Rights from a Sociological Perspective; Prof. Bandana Purkayastha, University of Connecticut; 24 April 2012. Funded by Department.
  • Reinterpreting Vivekananda; By Prof. TapanRaychaudhuri; on the occasion of 150 years of Swamiji; 6th March 2013.
  • Indian Calendar Art: origins and Recent Developments; Prof. Bradley Hartel, Virginia Tech University; 26th March 2013. Funded by CU.
  • “ IMAGINING THE RACIAL OTHER DURINGTHE BRISTISH COLONIAL PERIOD” By Dr. ASHOK MALHOTRA, British Academy Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Collaborative Research in the Humanities, Queens University, Belfast, 3rdSeptember 2015. Funded by CU – BI
  • 'Re-imagining Indian Sociology. Challenges confronting the Discipline'.Prof. Sujata Patel Hyderabad Central University and First Women President of the Indian Sociological Society, 22nd January, 2016 Funded by CU - BI

National and International Seminars :
  • University of Calcutta,ICSSR and UNDP sponsored Post-Centenary Golden Jubilee International seminar on “Globalization: Potentialities and Predicaments” January 2007.
  • Workshop on HIV/Aids was conducted by West Bengal State Aids Prevention & Control Society and Trustee AMITIE TRUST, Half-Day Workshop, April 7, 2011.
  • International Seminar on Childhood and Ageing: Contemporary Scenario”,  Sponsored by I C S S R, New Delhi, University of Calcutta and Save The Children, BalRaksha, Bharat, Participation by  luminaries from Australia, Prof. Michael Fine, University of Macquarie,  an eminent scholar in the field of Aged Care and internationally acclaimed scholars from in and around India. 3rd-4th February 2011.
  • Locating Social, Political and Gender Issues in the Works of Rabindranath Tagore   26th of September 2011.
  • In the INTERNATIONAL YOUTH, year (2010-2011) ORGANIZED; “Meeting Youth Needs in the 21st Century CANADA and INDIA: Youth work, Young people and Youth policy.” Sponsored by Shastri-Indo-Canadian Institute, New Delhi & University of Calcutta, 28th & 29th November 2011.
  • Louis Dumont: A Tribute, National Seminar, Funded by CU – BI , 28 March 2012

Additional information :

  • Departmental faculties are in regular interface with larger society and regularly contribute in generating academic knowledge and its application through interventions with other organizations in the new areas as mentioned in their capacity as experts and advisors to different local and national bodies.
  • Faculty is members of Board of studies of St Xavier’s College, Jadavpur University, West Bengal State University, Diamond Harbour University for Women,M Phil., PSW Institute of Psychiatry Govt. of WB& Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management.
  • Faculty is members of ETHICAL COMMITTEE of Indian Institute of Health and Hygiene.
  • Faculties are executive membersand research committee conveners, of national and international Sociological association.
  • Faculty are associated with outreach activities in areas of women, child, elderly, and marginalized groups and the impact of new technology.


Campus : Alipore

Address for communication : 1, Reformatory Street.Kolkata 700027.