Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities

In an attempt to bring together the expertise available in the social sciences and humanities through an inter-disciplinary research programme, the University has recently, with a modest financial support from the University Grants Commission, established the Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities. The UGC grant that was available for this Centre under the rubric of certain central facilities has been utilised in setting up the infrastructure for the Centre.

The Centre has emerged as a major facilitator in organising seminars and discussions. One important outcome of this initiative has been the enthusiasm shown by faculty members from different departments in undertaking collaborative research projects. The Centre on its own initiative also offers limited financial assistances to short term projects. The Centre is optimistic about the projected development of a multi-disciplinary research programme in which the knowledge of linguists will converge with the skills of the social scientists. It aims at bringing together disciplines like History, Ancient Indian History, Islamic History and Culture, Archaeology, Museology, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Economics and the Languages.

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