Administrative Officers

Name Phone
Vice-Chancellor -
Prof. Suranjan Das
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M.A., (Cal), D.Phil. (Oxon)
Off.: 2241-3288,
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs - 
Prof. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay
M.Sc., Ph.D., FNASc, FAScT, FASc
Off : 2257-1470,
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Business Affairs & Finance -
Prof. Sonali Chakravarti Banerjee
M.A., Ph.D.
Off : 2219-3764,
Registrar -
Prof. Basab Chaudhuri
Ph.D.(Tech.), Chemical Engineering
Off.: 2219-3761
Controller of Examinations -
Shri Onkar Sadhan Adhikari (On Lien)
Off.: 2219-3762,
University Librarian - 
Dr. Soumitra Sarkar
M.A., M.Lib.Sc., Ph.D.
Off.: 2241-4984 / 0071, (Extn. 403)
Inspector of Colleges -
Shri Debashis Biswas
Off : 2241-4984/0071

Finance Officer -
Dr. Harisadhan Ghosh
M.Com, AICWA, LLB, Ph.D.
Off : 2257-2961
System Manager
Samir Chandra Das
M.Tech., B.E., MBA, M.Phil, PGDFM, MLISC
Off : 2241-0071

Name Phone
Joint Inspector of Colleges -
Dr. Asit Baran Rudrapal 
M.Sc., Ph.D.(Cal.), Ph.D. (Kyushu University, Japan).
Off.: 2241-0071 (Extn. 412)
Secretary, Faculty Council for Postgraduate Studies
in Science, Engineering & Technology and Agriculture
& Veterinary Science -

Dr. Amit Ray
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Off. : 2350-8386 / 1397 (Extn. 200)
Email :
Sr. Secretary, Councils for Undergraduate Studies - 
Dr. Syamal Kumar Sarkar
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Off.: 2241-4984/0071,
Deputy Registrar - 
Dr. Sujit Kumar Barua
B.Tech., M.B.A, Ph.D.
Off.: 2241-4984 / 0071,
Joint Controller of Examinations –
Shri Haider Ali
M.A., M.Phil
Off: 2241-4984/0071
Development and Planning Officer - 
Dr. Kausik Bal (On Lien)
Off.: 2241-0071 (Extn. 240)


Estate & Trust Officer
Shri Anjan Kr. Dan
Off.: 2241-0071/4984
Database Administrator
Shri Ashis Kumar Samanta 
Off.: 2241-4984/0071
Database Administrator
Syed Saifuddin Ahammed 
Off.: 2241-0071, 
Assistant Registrar
Shri Saikat Sanyal

Off.: 2241-0071-74 (Extn.-219),
Assistant Controller of Examinations - 
Smt. Jayeeta Dutta Gupta
Off.: 2241-0071/72
Assistant Inspector of Colleges - 
Shri Shamim Anwar Khan 
Off. : 2241-4984 / 0071, 

Assistant Secretary, Faculty Council for Postgraduate
Studies in Arts. Commcrce, Social Welfare
and Business Management – 

Shri Arindam Banik
B.Tech. (IT), M.B.A
Off.: 2479-1645,2439-8451/8453
Email :
Assistant Secretary, Faculty Council for Postgraduate
Studies in Arts, Commerce, Social Welfare
and Business management - 

Shri Asoke Kumar Mukhopadhyay
Off.: 2241-0071/4984 (Extn.302),
Assistant Secretary, Faculty Council for Postgraduate
Studies in Science, Engineering & Technology and
Agriculture & Veterinary Science -

Shri Subrata Karmakar
B.Sc.,(H), B.Tech. M.Tech
Accounts Officer - 
Shri Abhik Kusari
Off.: 2241-0071, 2241-4984 (Extn.409),
Internal Auditor - 
Dr. Raj Gopal Sen
M.Com., M.Phil., A.I.C.W.A.I., P.G.D.F.M., Ph.D.
Off : 2241-4984/0071 (Extn. 456)
System Analyst
Shri Malayendu Mazumder
Off : 2241-0071 (extn. 455)
Secretary, Students’ Services –
Shri Anirban Roy Chowdhury
B.Sc. (Hons.)
Off.: 2241-0071,
Officer on Special Duty -
Sri Samir Kanti Bandyopadhyay

Name Phone
Assistant Librarian - 
Dr. Nimai Shit
Off.: 2241-0071 (Extn. 410)
Assistant Librarian – 
Dr. Subal Kumar Barui
M.A., B.Ed., MLIS, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Off.: 2439-8475, 2479-1645,2358
Assistant Librarian (Manuscripts & Historical Documents) - 
Shri Tanmay De Sarkar
M.Sc., B.Ed., M.L.I.Sc.
Off.: 2241-0071 / 4984.
Assistant Librarian -

Shri Safique Ahamad
Information Scientist
Shri Jitendra Nath Shaw
B.Sc., MCA, M.Tech(CSA)
Off.: 2241-0071 (Extn. 424)

Name Phone
Research Officer, Women Studies Research Centre - 
Dr.(Smt.) Kankana Sengupta 
M.A., Ph.D.
Off.: 2479-1645 (Extn. 339)
Superintendent, Calcutta University Press - 
Shri Pradip Kumar Ghosh
B.Sc., Dip. in Printing Technology
Off.: 2475-9466.