Global Media Journal - Indian Edition


The Indian edition of the GMJ was launched for the first time in 2005 by Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC), an affiliate to Manipal Academy of Higher Education , Karnataka (Manipal University, since December 2006). It was MIC which came forward in 2005 to launch the Indian Edition of the Global Media Journal. Prof. Buroshiva Dasgupta, Ph. D., the then MIC Director, assumed the charge as the Indian Edition editor.
The edition was formally inaugurated then on 22 November 2005. Prof. Yahya R. Kamalipour, GMJ founder and managing editor who had visited Manipal on the occasion and delivered a keynote speech on ‘Digital Publications in the Age of Globalization’.
The Indian edition was transferred to the University of Calcutta in December 2009. Despite our best efforts we are not yet able to collect all issues of the MIC-sponsored GMJ –Indian Edition.
We are able to trace only four issues as mentioned below—

  1. Winter 2005 (Theme: Information and Communication Technologies for Development)
  2. Summer 2006
  3. Winter 2006
  4. Summer 2007(Theme: The Visual Creation of India -- Construction of the Subcontinent's National Image by "Lens of the West")
  5. Winter 2007
  6. Summer 2008 (Theme: Changing Paradigms in Media Business)

Prof. Dasgupta remembers that one more issue was brought out in late 2008. But we are yet to confirm it.
However, not all write ups of the issues mentioned above are found
In the Summer 2007 issue we find a list of the Journal Editors and members of the Advisory Board.

Journal Editors

Prof. Yahya Kamalipour, Managing Editor
Prof. Buroshiva Dasgupta, Editor, GMJ Indian Edition
Prof. George McLemore
Mr. Varadesh Hiregange, Editorial Coordinator
Dr. Neeta Inamdar, Editorial Coordinator
Mr. Prathamesh Pai, Technical In-charge

Advisory Board

Prof. Leela Rao, Former Director, Manipal Institue of Communication
Prof. B.P. Sanjay, Director, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi
Prof. Vinod Pavarala, University of Hyderabad
Prof. Syed Amjed Ahmed, University of Calicut
Prof. P.L. Vishweshwar Rao, EMRC, Hyderabad
Prof. Dipankar Sinha, Calcutta University
Prof. Kekeli Nuviadenu, School of Arts and Humanities, Florida USA
Prof. Marika Vicziany, Monash University, Australia
Ravi Srinivas K., South Centre, Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Deepa Kumar, Rutgers University

Details of the articles published in different issues of the journal are listed below. The list may not be complete.

Winter 2005 (Theme: Information and Communication Technologies for Development)

Invited Papers

  1. Mass poverty and information and communication technologies in India, Marika Vicziany Director, Monash Asia Institute (Monash University)
  2. ICTs for Development in India: Traversing the Contentious Domain, B.P. Sanjay, Professor of Communication, SN School of PA, FA & Communication, University of Hyderabad, India
  3. Information Technology and Citizen Participation: Macro-Lessons from a Micro-Study, Dipankar Sinha Reader in Political Science, Calcutta University Refereed Papers
  4. Nurturing the nation on the Net: the selective presentation of culture in political websites, Maya Ranganathan Professional Section
  5. The Indian Media Today, M.V. Kamath, Chairman, Prasar Bharti
  6. Current trends in Indian Media : A reflection, Uttam Sengupta, Senior Editor, The Calcutta Telegraph
  7. The Breaking News Syndrome –New frontier of Television News, Ajay Kumar, Bureau Chief & Host, National Reporter, Star News Graduate Research
  8. Alternative communication: Researching e-group discussions in the post-9/11 scenario, M.R. Sai Kothai
  9. Yakshagana as a tool for Development Communication, Smitha Madhyastha

Summer 2006

Refereed Papers

  1. Using the Internet to Extend Hegemony: A Study of Government Websites in India, Maya Ranganathan and NagaMallika G
  2. Mission 2007: measuring its socio-economic impact, Kabir Sehgal and Sara J Brooks Professional Section
  3. The media in India: addressing some basic issues, Uttam Sen Graduate Research
  4. The role of communication as a catalyst of social change. A study of communication strategies of NGOs in Kolar Gold Fields, Maxine Frank
  5. A study of communication practices in Visually Impaired , Madhubanti Routh

Winter 2006

Published in December 2006

Refereed Papers

  1. Symbiotic Relationship between Media and Terrorism -- Syed Abdul Siraj Professional Section
  2. War and Peace in a Global World -- M.V. Kamath
  3. War and Peace in the Age of Globalization: The Indian Context -- Buroshiva Dasgupta

Summer 2007(Theme: The Visual Creation of India -- Construction of the Subcontinent's National Image by "Lens of the West")

Guest Editor : Prof. George McLemore

Special Papers

  1. The Matter of Forster's Passage to India -- Amir H. Jafri
  2. More than a Difference of Language: A Comparison of Arab and US Media Coverage of the War in Iraq -- Salma I. Ghanem
  3. Contested Indian Identities: The Risk of Re-Colonization as the Post-Colonial Task Continues -- Dr. Gregory Selber Guest Editor's Choice
  4. From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunities: Issues and Challenges for ICT Policies in South Asia -- Kiran Prasad
  5. Reviving the Dead Greek Guys -- W.F. Strong and John A. Cook Graduate Research
  6. Films From Literature: A Study of Girish Kasarvalli's Film Ghatashraddha -- Samvartha
  7. Growth of animation industry in Bangalore: An exploration -- Raviraj

Winter 2007

Summer 2008 (Topic: Changing Paradigms in Media Business)