Global Media Journal - Indian Edition

Launched online in the fall of 2002, the Global Media Journal (www.globalmediajournal.com)   is the official publication of the Global Communication Association (www.globalcomassociation.com). GMJ is the Global Network of Communication Scholars.

Prof. Yahya R. Kamalipour, Ph. D., Head, Department of Communication and Creative Arts and Director of the Center for Global Studies, Purdue University Calumet, USA, is Founder and Managing Editor of the GMJ.

The consistent goal of Global Media Journal is to address diverse interests of media and journalism scholars, researchers, teachers, students, and institutions engaged in international activities, particularly communication. Global Media Journal publishes works that assess existing media structures and practices. The Journal is abstracted and indexed in the ProQuest CSA and EBSCO and listed in DOAJ and Ulrich's.

There are 14 established and confirmed editions and it continues to expand and adds new editions around the globe.

The Indian edition of the GMJ was launched for the first time in 2006 by Manipal University with Prof.  Buroshiva Dasgupta, Ph. D. as editor.

In December 2009, Prof. Yahya R. Kamalipour requested the University of Calcutta to revamp the Indian edition. Calcutta University accepted the offer.

The University of Calcutta has a rich tradition of promoting the academic publications including journals.

Established on 24th January 1857, the University of Calcutta is the oldest seat of higher learning in the subcontinent. The City of Calcutta (now known as Kolkata) is the cradle of journalism and print culture in this part of the world. The first newspaper of the subcontinent was published as early as in 1780 from this erstwhile capital of British India.

Unique in its own way, the University publishes, now biannually, The Calcutta Review. This is one of the oldest university journals in Asia.

The Review was established during the colonial period in May, 1844, by Sir John Kaye. It featured informative articles on a variety of local and regional topics, discussions on religion and culture, book reviews, poetry, and advertisements. The target audience clearly was the emerging English-educated Bengali middle class.

University of Calcutta acquired Calcutta Review in 1921 and had transformed it in to one of the crucial voices of the new nationalist discourse.

Various academic departments and centres of the University regularly publish a good number academic journal, besides books, occasional papers, monographs. The University has its own printing press, established over a century ago.

Journalism & Mass Communication Department of the University is one of the oldest such departments in this part of the world. The Department was inaugurated on 7 October 1950.

 Aims and Scope

The GMJ–Indian Edition invites the submission of scholarly articles, papers, essays, commentaries and book reviews that focus on any aspects in the field of Communication, Media and Journalism. The journal is multidisciplinary in nature. It aims to advance research and understanding of communication and media in India and around the globe.

We are particularly interested in contributions that explore some of the following themes:

Media and Democratic Governance
Theory and Practice of Alternative media
Media and Gender Equity
Media Laws and Ethics
Media and Culture
Media and Development
Peace Communication
Media and Ethnicity
Political Economy of Communication
Film Studies
Media and Globalization
Children and Media
New Media Technologies
Media and Language
Media Activism
Media and Conflict
Media Education & Training
Media History
Social Audit of Media

Each issue of the GMJ-Indian Edition generally focuses on a specific theme.

The Journal has the following sections:

a. ARTICLES: Contributions are scanned through a blind peer-review process and reviewed by academics working in relevant fields. The section also contains articles, papers invited from eminent scholars, which are non-reviewed.

b. STUDENTS’ RESEARCH: This section contains articles, essays and research papers authored by post-graduate and M. Phil. students and Ph.D. scholars. Here also contributions submitted will go through a blind peer-review process.

c. COMMENTARIES: This section aims to serve as a prism of diverse viewpoints on a wide range of subjects and issues related to communication and the media. The editorial board will scan and review submissions.

d. BOOK REVIEWS: This section features reviews of a select few books generally related to a chosen theme.

e. DOCUMENTS: Important documents, commission/ expert committee reports and research findings related to the fields appear in this section.

Guest Editor

Editor of GMJ-Indian Edition invites proposals from communication and media studies scholars to be the Guest Editor/ Guest Co-Editors for each issue.

Outstanding Features

GMJ- Indian Edition --

Is peer-reviewed.

Is advised by an Advisory Board of eminent academicians and professionals nominated by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Calcutta.

Is managed by an Editorial Board of prominent scholars nominated by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Calcutta.

Facilitates exchange of information and ideas across the globe.


GMJ--Indian Edition is hosted by the University of Calcutta, India (www.caluniv.ac.in).
The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor is the Chairperson of the Advisory Board.


GMJ--Indian Edition publishes two issues annually-- Summer (June) and Winter (December).


Authors retain copyright. But they are requested to give permission to Global Media Journal to reprint their published articles in other electronic and print formats, including books.


We are benefited from the advice of our numerous colleagues and friends. Without their cooperation and encouragement, this ambitious project could not have come to fruition.  Thanks to all of them.

We are committed to independence of our contributors. Views expressed in this Journal are not necessarily endorsed by the editor, advisory/editorial board members or the University of Calcutta.

With warm regards!

Prof. Saumendranath Bera,Ph. D.
Editor, GMJ-Indian Edition
Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
Director, Centre for Studies in Book Publishing
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West Bengal, India
Email: snbmc@caluniv.ac.in/anjanbera@gmail.com
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