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Call for Papers

Announcement for the
Sponsored by the University of Calcutta
Theme: Right to Information: New Frontiers of Democracy

Deadline for Submission: December 15, 2010

GMJ-Indian Edition invites the submission of articles, papers, research reports, commentaries and book reviews that focus on the theme stated above for the Winter 2010 issue. We are particularly interested in articles reflecting on issues inside India, and those which offer comparative studies between India and other countries, particularly the developing ones.
In keeping with its mission, the journal provides special opportunities for post-graduate students and young research scholars.
This particular edition of the Journal not only looks for delimiting the peripheries of RTI but also the deep impact on the political economy of media and mass audience. Along with the age of post-globalized media that conveys hyperreal mediation, the introduction of RTI not only provides recognition of individual audience but also regenerates subcultural assurances in sub-sectors like empowering individual habitation specially women, newer techniques in social governance, transparency in public service, to develop informed citizenry, legitimizing conflict between various social interests toward a perfect plurality that would strengthen democratic ideation in this subcontinent etc. GMJ-Indian Edition therefore invites researchers and scholars for submission of seminal papers on various contours of RTI Act toward all socio-cultural facets of the country.

Contributions might address, but not be limited to, such topics as:

•         RTI Act extends Indian democracy toward a global format;
•         RTI ushers a genesis of a newer governance and public interaction
•         RTI goes beyond traditional public interface that strengthens democratic ideals


Prof. Biplab Chakrabarti
Email: bcliscu@gmail.com , snbmc@caluniv.ac.in

Dr. Soumitra Sarkar
Email: univlibrarian@caluniv.ac.in
Please see ‘Submission Guidelines’.
Please direct your submissions and queries to the Guest Editors of the Issue

Book Review submissions and queries should be directed to Prof. Buroshiva Dasgupta.
Email: buroshiva.dasgupta@gmail.com

All papers must be submitted via electronic attachment.

You may also contact:

Dr. Soumitra Sarkar
Editorial Coordinator
Email: univlibrarian@caluniv.ac.in
Dr. Sinjini Bandyopadhyay
Editorial Coordinator

Email: sinjinib@yahoo.co.in

Editor: Prof. S N Bera [ on lien]

Email: snbmc@caluniv.ac.in


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