Guest Editor's Guide

The Editor of GMJ-Indian Edition invites proposals from communication and media studies scholars to be the Guest Editor/ Guest Co-Editors for each issue. In consultation with the Editorial Board, the Editor selects proposed themes.

The Guest Editor develops a ‘Call for Papers’, manages the refereeing and editing processes according to the guidelines prescribed by the Editor.

The ‘Call for Papers’ will be circulated widely.

The Guest Editor keeps contact with the Editor and informs the Editor of the developments on regular basis.

All contributors must follow the GMJ-Indian Edition ‘Submission Guidelines’.

Papers relevant to the theme of the GMJ-Indian Edition will go through a blind peer review process. Each paper should be emailed to the reviewers.

The Guest Editor will develop a ‘Table of Contents’.

The Guest Editor will write his/her ‘Guest Editor’s Notes’ in which he/she will summarize the contents of the issue and make reference to each of the papers as they are listed in the ‘Table of Contents.’

The Guest Editor emails the (a) Table of Contents, (b) Guest Editor’s Notes, and (c) all selected contributions for each section to the Editor, GMJ-Indian Edition positively by May 25 for the Summer issues and November 25 for the Winter issues.