Last date of submission of bills for the current financial year 2018-19
Halls & Hostels Audit Query Form 2018-19
Departmental Audit Query Form 2018-19
[NOTICE] || [‘Audit Query’ form PDF] || [‘Audit Query’ form Word file]
MEMORANDUM [No.- 7966-F(P2)] Dated, the 24th December, 2018
MEMORANDUM [No. A/S/359/SAL/2018-2019]
[Regarding grant of Dearness Allowance]
Notice --- Accounts Department
NOTICE (Accounts Department)
[Discussion on matters related to Bills retained in the Audit and Accounts Department and allied matters]
Notice (Accounts Department) --- Meeting with the Department of Social Science and Department of Arts
Notice (Accounts Department) --- Meeting with Members of the Faculty
Revised TA/DA rules for the Teachers, Officers, Experts/Examiners, Research Scholars/Fellows
[Approved by the Finance Committee dated 31|07|2018 and Syndicate dated 06|08|2018]
[Employees who are the members of C.U. G.S.L.I. scheme have been promoted to the next
higher grade on or after 28/12/ 2017 , to contact the salary section ]
University of Calcutta --- Norms regarding Air-travel
MEMORANDUM [Memo No. A/S/341/SAL/F-Adv. (Durga Puja)]
[Festival Advance of Rs. 16000/- for this year 2018]
MEMORANDUM [No. A/S/340/Ad-hoc bonus]
[Ad-hoc bonus for the accounting year of 2017-2018]
Format of Purchase
EMORANDUM [Memo No. A/S/ 06/IT] --- Income Tax Saving Proposal Form and Form for submission
of documentary
evidences for both the employees and pensioners
MEMORANDUM [No. A/S/334/GMI, Dated 17-5-2018]
[Group Mediclaim Insurance Scheme]
Annual Financial Estimates for the year 2019-20 & Revised Estimates for the year 2018-19
MEMORANDUM --- Conveyance Rules
Notification --- Audit Query Form relating to Self-financing Course 
[NOTICE] || [‘Audit Query’ form]
Notice --- Accounts of Self Financing courses
Notification regarding Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Circular (No. A/S/S/Sal/320)
[Group Health Insurance Scheme "Swasthya Sathi"]
MEMORANDUM [Memo No. A/S/S/Sal/320  Dated 2-2-2018]
MEMORANDUM [Memo No. A/O/568   Dated 31-01-2018]
[Group Mediclaim Insurance Scheme]
MEMORANDUM [No. A/S/316/SAL/2017-2018]
[Grant of Dearness Allowance]
[Group Mediclaim Insurance Scheme]
Ensuring compliance of e Tender Norms
[Employees who have been promoted or upgraded to the posts
belonging to upper categories after 28.12.2015]
MEMORANDUM [No. A/S/310/Ad-hoc bonus]
[Ad-hoc Bonus for the year 2016-2017]
Interest Free Festival Advance for ensuing Durga Puja Festival 2017
[Tax Saving Investments Proposal for the Financial year 2017-2018]
Annual Financial Estimates for the year 2018-19 & Revised Estimates for the year 2017-18
Amendments in the Calcutta University Purchase and works manual.
Approved by the Syndicate, Item no. 2 dated 21/03/2017
E-procurement System - NIC [DEMO]
[Group Mediclaim Insurance Scheme is being continued with The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., Corporate Business Unit, Kolkata for the year 2017]
[Tax Saving Investments for the Financial year 2016-2017]
[ The last date of submission of annual Life Certificate of all categories of pensioners/ family pensioners of Non-Govt.
Educational Institutions has been extended upto 15th January, 2017 ]
Purchase and Works Manual 2016
MEMORANDUM [No. A/S/260/Ad-hoc Bonus]
[Ad-hoc Bonus for the year 2015-2016]
MEMORANDUM [Memo No. A/S/259/F-Adv. (Durga Puja)]
[Festival Advance of Rs. 16000/-]
MEMORANDUM [Memo No. A/C/350/Daily Wage]
[Daily labourers working for long on purely temporary basis]
[ It is notified for general information of all concerned that the name of the Account of the University shall have to be
“University of Calcutta" in lieu of "Calcutta University”.]
Memorandum --- Payment of Festival (Id-Ul-Fitre) Advance
Submission of Salary, Overtime and Holiday Bills to Audit and Account Departments
Declaration for proposed income tax savings investments and other information for the financial year 2016-17

Annual Financial Estimates for the year 2017-18 & Revised Estimates for the year 2016-17
Financial Calendar for the year 2016-17
Office Memorandum [Date:31.3.2016]

The Salary for the month of March 2016 will be paid in 2nd April 2016
Notice --- Matter regarding B.I. N0.166 (Lump Provision)
Notice --- Re-constitution of the Tender Committee and the formation of a Tender Advisory Committee
Address of Pro-VC (BA & F) at the Workshop held on 14 September 2015 and the Relevant Resolutions
of the Finance Committee dated 16 September 2015
Continuation of the MEMORANDUM regarding purchase procedure
MEMORANDUM about purchase procedure
Payment of Electricity Bills
MEMORANDUM about Quotation and Tender
Letter To The Chairman WBSEDCL
Disconnection of power supply
Letter To The Chairman WBSEDCL & MD CESC
MEMORANDUM (Memo No. A/S/201/Sal/2015) --- Discontinuance of submission of late salary bills to the Audit & Accounts Department
CIRCULAR --- Centralised Departmental Asset Register