Academic Programmes Organised

1990- 2016


Number of courses

Orientation Programme


Refresher Course


Summar / Winter School


Short Term Courses



Outcome Parameters

  • Motivation for quality teaching and research
  • Value addition through exposure to interactive learning environment
  • Problem solving on real life case-studies
  • Group work and cooperative learning
  • Continuous multimodal evaluation
  • Participants’ feedback on curriculum, learning resources, resource persons and overall performance of the HRDC

Reforms Undertaken: 2014-16

  • Efficient financial management
  • Initiative for recruitment of full time teaching and non-teaching staffs
  • Publication of the proceedings in digital format
  • Date of promotion as the most important criteria for selection of the participants
  • Restructuring of the curricula for the Orientation Programmes
  • Introduction of innovative Inter-disciplinary Refresher and Short Term Courses
  • Invitation to more competent resource persons


Feedback of the Participants

Norms and evaluation of participants’ feedback:

  • On the day of induction the participants’ are asked to express their expectation of the academic programme they are going to attend.
  • The participants are also made aware of the rules and regulations pertaining to the academic programme and their role in it. They are encouraged to participate in the discussions.
  • On completion of the course a structured questionnaire (with 10 point response sheet in Part-A; and subjective opinion sheet in Part-B) provided to the participants to give their opinions on different aspects of the programme including: Effectiveness of the programme, quality of lectures and study materials, access to infrastructure facilities and library, etc.
  • The participants are given option to remain anonymous or may disclose their identity.
  • Based on the participants’ feedback and review of each of the programmes organized strategic intellectual and infrastructural inputs are added in the next course(s).
  • From the assessment of the participant’s feedback our overall performance is satisfactory, but we always try to improve ourselves.