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Journal of the Department of Museology


ISSN: 2278-9685 (Print)
UGC Approved Journal (Sl. No. 47757)
Frequency: Annual

Journal of the Department of Museology, published by the University of Calcutta, is a refereed journal for the Museologists and museum professionals, including students and research scholars. Museology being multi-disciplinary in nature, contributions of papers from the related disciplines of natural & social sciences, and art & humanities are also welcome. It is published since 2002.

Editor/ Editorial Board

Supreo Chanda (sscmusl@caluniv.ac.in / supreochanda@gmail.com).

Editorial Board

  • Dr Atul Chandra Bhowmick, Former Professor of Museology, University of Calcutta
  • Dr Chhanda Das, Former Professor of Museology, University of Calcutta
  • Dr Sachindranath Bhattacharya, Former Professor of Museology, University of Calcutta (sbcharya@rediffmail.com)
  • Dr Shyamalknti Chakravarti, Former Director, Indian Museum and National Library, Kolkata (shyamalkanti.chakravarti@gmail.com)
  • Dr Stephen Inglis, Former Director General of Research & Collections, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Quebec, Canada; Former Executive Director, Cree Cultural Institute, Quebec, Canada; and Adjunct Research Professor of Art History, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (singlis@creeculture.ca)
  • Dr Jayanta Sthanapati, Former Deputy Director General, National Council of Science Museums, India (dr.jayanta.sthanapati@gmail.com)
  • Sri Supreo Chanda, Associate Professor of Museology, University of Calcutta (sscmusl@caluniv.ac.in)
  • Dr Mahua Chakrabarti, Associate Professor of Museology, University of Calcutta (dmcmusl@caluniv.ac.in)
  • Dr Indrani Bhattacharya, Associate Professor of Museology, University of Calcutta (sibmusl@caluniv.ac.in)

Review Process

Papers are subjected to blind review (double) by competent Referees from the relevant fields of study. After submission the manuscripts are forwarded to the reviewers. Within a reasonable period the authors are informed the anonymous critiques (recommendations for revision/ resubmission/ rejection). Nevertheless the final acceptance for publication is subject to approval and editing by the Editor/ Editorial Board.

Author Guidelines

  1. The papers must be original with supporting references not published before or not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  2. The papers should be written in MS-Word (1997-2003) Document format, in A-4 size pages with ‘Normal’ margin.
  3. Language, grammar, spelling and expressions must conform to the UK English only.
  4. The papers are to be written in ‘Arial’ Font, 1.5 line spacing must be maintained throughout the document; paragraphs are not to be indented, separated by double spaces.
  5. Except the heading and contributor/s’ name/s, texts must be aligned ‘Justified’.
  6. Heading/ Title of the paper must be aligned ‘Centre’, in 16 point ‘Bold’, first letter of each word in capital. Name/s of the contributor/s is/are to be inserted below the Title, in 14 point ‘Bold, Italics’ and aligned ‘Centre’. Position/ designation of the contributor/s should be given as footnote on the first page itself.
  7. Sub-headings are to be in 14 point ‘Bold’, aligned ‘Left’.
  8. Rest of the texts are to be in 12 point ‘Regular’.
  9. Direct quotes of less than 40 words should be in double-quotation marks in ‘Regular’ Fonts. Quotations more than 40 words should be in separate paragraphs, indented from both sides, without any quotation mark, in ‘Regular’ Fonts.
  10. Proper and complete references must be given for all the quotations and citations, printed or online.
  11. All references must be in ‘Author-Year’ style following the American Psychological Association (APA) Referencing Guidelines (6th edition or later).
  12. End Notes (not Footnotes) may be used, if essential, in the texts following compatible guideline.
  13. The papers should be limited to maximum 5000 words.
  14. An abstract of not more than 100 words and with maximum 5 key-words is needed to be incorporated at the beginning of the paper.
  15. Photographs/ sketches (600 dpi), charts, graphs, tables, etc., are to be sent separately with proper labelling.
  16. Acceptance or rejection of papers and required modifications in the title/ text are sole discretion of the referees and shall be binding upon the contributors.
  17. Major modification/s may be communicated to the contributors if time permits. Final acceptance of a paper shall be decided by the Editorial Board.
  18. Interested persons in contributing papers to the forthcoming issue of the Journal (Volume 14) are requested to submit their papers through e-mail to sscmusl@caluniv.ac.in / supreochanda@gmail.com positively by 31st March 2018.

Ethics Policy

The Journal follows strict anti-plagiarism policy. All the submitted papers undergo rigorous review process. Authors are responsible for conforming to the existing regulations on copyright issues. Sincere efforts are there to uphold the academic/ professional integrity. Comments of the referees are private and confidentiality regarding the correspondences is maintained. Publication of papers is free of any charge/ fee.



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