Teachers' Profile
Teachers' Profile
Title : Professor and Former Head, Dept of English and currently Dean, Faculty of Arts, Calcutta University
Specialization : English, American and Indian English literature; Gender studies; Colonial and Postcolonial women’s writing, Women and/in Indian Films, Migration and Diaspora studies, Translation studies, Creative Writing.
Email : dasgupta.sanjukta@gmail.com
Phone : (91) (33) 2241 0071 (Extn. 337)
Office : Asutosh Building, 2nd floor; 1st floor (Dean’s Office)

Dr. Sanjukta Dasgupta, Professor and Former Head, Dept of English and currently Dean, Faculty of Arts, Calcutta University, teaches English and American literature along with New Literatures in English. She is a poet, critic and translator and her articles, poems, short stories and translations have been published in journals of distinction in India and abroad. Her published books are The Novels of Huxley and Hemingway: A Study in Two Planes of Reality, Responses : Selected Essays, Snapshots ( poetry), Dilemma (poetry), First Language ( poetry), More Light (poetry), Her Stories (translations), Manimahesh ( translation), The Indian Family in Transition (co-edited SAGE), Media, Gender and Popular Culture in India: Tracking Change and Continuity ( lead author, SAGE, 2011)

She is the Managing Editor of FAMILIES: A Journal of Representations. Her awards and grants include the British Council Charles Wallace Scholar grant, Fulbright postdoctoral research fellowship, Fulbright Alumni Initiative Award, Fulbright Scholar in Residence at Suny, Oswego, NYS, Australia India Council Fellowship, Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Women’s Research and Gender studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Associate Fellow at Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, Visiting Fellow at the Women Studies and Development Centre, University of Delhi. She visited Nepal and Bangladesh as a member of the SAARC Writers Delegation. Prof. Dasgupta was invited by the Commonwealth Foundation, UK (2002-2005) to serve as co-judge and thereafter as Chairperson for the Commonwealth Writers Prize (Eurasia region). She visited Melbourne and Malta to serve on the pan- Commonwealth jury panel. She is now an e-member of the advisory committee of the Commonwealth Writers Prize, UK. In June 2008, Prof. Dasgupta was invited by the Swedish Writers Union to participate in the first WALTIC at Stockholm- a writers and literary translators’ conference and in July 2008 she was invited to Los Angeles to deliver a talk on Aldous Huxley and Gender. In 2009 she gave talks at Charles University, Prague, and Oxford University, UK and in 2010 she presented papers at the Jagiellonski University and Pedagogical University, Krakow, Poland and also at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, UK. In 2011, as a Visiting Professor, Prof Dasgupta taught a summer course on postcolonial theory and literary criticism at the State University of New York, Oswego, NYS.

Awaiting Publication: co-authored. Radical Rabindranath: Nation, Family, Gender Post-colonial Readings of Tagore’s Fiction and Film.