1. Departmental Journals
Title Year of Consideration File
Proceedings of International Conference Modeling and Simulation, MS'07 India, Vol-2 2007
Proceedings of the IGU Symposium on Hydel and Thermal Power Development in the Developing Countries 1970
Proceedings of the International Conference on Control, Instrumentation and Information Communication 2001
Proceedings of the National Seminar on Recent Trends in Human Biology 2004
Quarterly Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, Vol-1, Issue-1 1924
Quarterly Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, Vol-2, Issue-1 1925
Reading Keats Today: Bi-centenary essays on John Keats 1996
Research Journal of Bengali Language and Literature, Vol-1 2014
Research Journal of Bengali Language and Literature, Vol-2 2016
Ripples: An organ of the students of the Department of English, No-5 (Autumn) 1966
Samskrta-Bharati -
Samskrta-Bharati, Issue-5 1997
Samskrta-Bharati, Issue-6 2000
Samskrta-Bharati, Issue-7 2003
Samskrta-Bharati, Issue-8 2004
Samskrta-Bharati, Issue-9 2010
Samskrta-Bharati, Vol-1 1982
Study of Changes in Traditional Culture: Proceedings of Conferences held by the University of Calcutta in co-operation with the UNESCO 1957
The Bhagirathi-Hooghly Basin (Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary Symposium) 1972
The Calcutta Historical Journal, Vol-1, Issue-1-2 1976

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