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News & Announcements (2021)

Date Notice
16-9-21 Notification in view of charging of income tax on PF Interest in certain cases 
16-9-21 MEMORANDUM (No. 2696-F(P2))
[Regarding "KARAM PUJA" , 17th September (Friday), 2021]
14-9-21 Notification for Extension of the last date of Online Application for PG Admission 2021
12-9-21 Publication of results of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.Semester-II (Honours/General/Major) Examinations, 2021 (Under CBCS)
10-9-21 One Project Fellow --- Department of Environmental Sciences
9-9-21 Publication of results of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.Semester-IV (Honours/General/Major) Examinations,2021 (Under CBCS)
3-9-21 Notice for the Heads of all Academic and Administrative Departments, Universitv of Calcutta regarding Asset Register 
2-9-21 Junior Research Fellow (JRF) --- Department of Chemistry
31-8-21 PG Registration Certificates Distribution Schedule for the Session 2020-21
31-8-21 Important Internal Notice for UGC Fellows of University of Calcutta
31-8-21 Important Internal Notice for all CSIR Fellows (EMR I) of University of Calcutta
30-8-21 Publication of results of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.Semester-VI (Honours/General/Major) Examinations, 2021 (Under CBCS) and B.A/B.Sc./B.Com. Part-III (Honours/General/Major) Examinations, 2021 (Under 1+1+1 System)
29-8-21 Notice --- Department of Bengali Language & Literature
28-8-21 MEMORANDUM [A/S/410 /Ad-hoc Bonus] 
[Ad-hoc Bonus for the year 2020-2021]
26-8-21 Notice regarding waving off fees --- Office of the Registrar
25-8-21 Notice - Office of the Registrar
24-8-21 University of Calcutta invites applications for the post of Babu Jagjivan Ram Chair Professor
21-8-21 Notice for Library Clearence
21-8-21 One JRF and one Summer internship (SERB sponsored project) --- Department of Polymer Science and Technology
20-8-21 Admission Schedule for the U.G. Courses of studies (Academic Session 2021-2022)
19-8-21 Notice for Ph.D. Students of University of Calcutta
17-8-21 Notice for Library Clearence
16-8-21 Online Interview for the Post of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) --- Department of Polymer Science & Technology
16-8-21 Rescheduled Examination programme for all Under Graduate Examinations, 2021
13-8-21 Declaration form for House Rent Allowance
13-8-21 Distribution of UG Registration Certificates for the session 2020-21
13-8-21 Asset Register Format
10-8-21 MEMORANDUM [Memo No. A/S/408/SAL/F-Adv.(Durga Puja)]
[Festival Advance amounting to Rs. 16,000/- for the year 2021]
5-8-21 Schedule of M.Sc. Second Semester Examination in Chemistry, 2021
5-8-21 Schedule of M.Sc. 2nd Semester Examination, 2021 (CBCS) in Physics
3-8-21 Notice regarding distribution of Form-16 for in service employees of CU for financial year 2020-21
3-8-21 Notice regarding distribution of Form-16 for Pensioners/Family Pensioners of CU for financial year 2020-21 
1-8-21 Schedule of M.Sc. 2nd Semester Examination, 2021 (CBCS) in Applied Mathematics
30-7-21 Schedule of M.Sc Second and Fourth Semester Examinations, 2021 --- Department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics
29-7-21 Schedule of M.Sc. 2nd and 4th Semester Examination 2021 --- Department of Genetics
26-7-21 Schedule of 2nd and 4th Semester MA/MSc Examinations 2021 --- Department of Museology
25-7-21 Schedule of M.A. 2nd and 4th Semester Examination, 2021 in Sanskrit
25-7-21 Schedule for M.A. 2nd and 4th semester Examination (even), 2021 --- Department of Comparative Indian Language and Literature
25-7-21 Schedule of M.A. Fourth Semester Examination, 2021 in URDU
25-7-21 Schedule for MA 4th and 2nd Semester End-term Examination 2021 --- Department of English
25-7-21 Schedule for Postgraduate 2nd and 4th semester Examination(even), 2021 --- Department of Linguistics
22-7-21 Online admissions for the Academic Session 2021-22 to all UG & PG Courses   [ No. 706- Edn(CS)/10M-95/14, Dated the 13th July, 2021]
22-7-21 B.A./B.Sc. (Part- I and Part- II) General Supplementary Examination be discontinued with immediate effect   [Notification No. CSR/16/21, Dated the 19th July, 2021]
22-7-21 Schedule of 4th (Final) and 2nd Semester Examination, 2021 --- Department of Pali
21-7-21 Schedule of PG 2nd and 4th semester Examination --- Department of Bengali Language and Literature
21-7-21 Schedule of M.A. / M.SC. 2nd and 4th semester Examination --- Department of Psychology
19-7-21 Notice - Department of Business Management
19-7-21 2-Year M.Sc. Semester-IV and Semester-II Examination, 2021 in Electronic Science
18-7-21 Schedule of M.Sc. Fourth Semester Examination, 2021 (CBCS) --- Department of Applied Mathematics
17-7-21 Revised Schedule of M.Sc. Fourth Semester Examination, 2021 --- Department of Chemistry
16-7-21 Schedule of M.Sc. Fourth Semester Examination, 2021 --- Department of Home Science (Food and Nutrition)
16-7-21 Schedule of M.Sc. 4th and 2nd semester Examination --- Department of Botany
13-7-21 Schedule of M.Sc. Fourth Semester Examination, 2021 --- Department of Physics
13-7-21 Schedule of M.Sc. Fourth Semester Examination, 2021 --- Department of Chemistry
2-7-21 Program coordinator and Professional assistant --- The Centre with Potential for Excellence in a Particular Area (CPEPA) (with support from UNICEF)
30-6-21 West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme (WBSCCS)
30-6-21 Activity Schedule for B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Semester -II/IV/VI (Hons./Gen./Major) Examination, 2021 & B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.Part-III (1+1+1) (Hons./Gen./Major) Examination, 2021
14-6-21 Programme schedule (Time table) for 2 Year L.L.M Part-I and Part-II Examinations, 2020
11-6-21 Important internal notice for all concerned beneficiaries of CSIR Fellowship
8-6-21 COVID-19 Vaccination Notice - 18 to 44 yrs. Age Group 
20-5-21 On line publication of results for B.Com.Semester-I/III/V (Honours/General/Major) Examinations,2020 (Under CBCS)
15-5-21 NOTICE --- Results of B.A/B.Sc. Semester-I/III/V (Honours/General/Major) Examinations (2020)
15-5-21 COVID 19 --- Government of West Bengal order dated 15/5/21
10-5-21 One Senior Research Fellow --- Department of Botany
10-5-21 Notification regarding Submission of erroneous Life Certificate by some Pensioners/Family pensioners
9-5-21 Important Notice for all CSIR Fellows working in University of Calcutta
3-5-21 One Research Associate --- Department of Physiology
3-5-21 One Senior Research Fellow --- Department of Physiology
26-4-21 Addendum to the Notice of COVID-19 Vaccination
23-4-21 Notice --- COVID-19 Vaccination
21-4-21 Notice --- Office of the Registrar
12-4-21 MEMORANDUM [No. A/F (RBC)/l744/8-M/2021-22] regarding raising of ceiling of GPF subscription to 100% of pay
9-4-21 Notification regarding intimation of change in Bank details by Pensioners
2-4-21 Meeting Notice of Ph.D. R.A.C Bengali