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University Publications

Name of the Book Author/Editor/Compiler
Effects of War on Contracts Prafulla Chandra Ghosh
Economic Theory, Trade and Quantitative Economics Asis Banerjee, Biswajit Chatterjee
Ekaler Choto Galpa Sanchayan -
Ekaler Kabita Sanchayan  
Ekaler Prabandha Sanchayan  
English Literary Citizen in the Second half of the 13th Century Dr. S. K. Sen
Evolution of Human Institutions Some Modern Trends Dr. P.C.Basu
Elements of the Science of Language I. J. S. Taraporewala
Early Indian Trade & Industry D. C. Sarkar
Early Indian Indigenous Coins D. C. Sarkar
Early Indian Political Administration System D. C. Sarkar
East India Bronzes Sisir Kumar Mitra
Egypt in 1845 M. L. Ray Chaudhury Sastri
Education & the Nation Prof. Khagendra Nath Sen
Environment (English Version) Editor : Prof. R. N. Basu