About the Department

Presently, Sports have become highly competitive in nature. Every University trying to put their best performance at the time of Inter-University Competition by means of systematic objective and scientific procedure which involve trained coaches, long term coaching programme etc. The Department of Sports, University of Calcutta is a big name in the State as well as in the Country so far as University Games and Sports are concerned. So, it is always trying to maintain and develop the Sports achievement in various Inter-University competitions not only in Zonal Level even in the All India Level Competitions. The Department of Sports, University of Calcutta conducts various selection trials and coaching camps for respective events and encourage its affiliated colleges to participate its maximum students in more than 30 (Thirty) in the Zonal as well as All India Inter-University Level Competitions both in Men and Women section. However, our department successfully conducts and completes the different Inter-Collegiate Games among its affiliated colleges that is more than 150 colleges in both (Men and Women) events within a scheduled time frame every year.

In the years to come, we are extremely hopeful that the Department of Sports, University of Calcutta maintaining its standard of performance and developing the achievement day to day will be able to establish their better and brighter status in different sports events both in Zonal and All India Inter University Competitions. Above all, I want to offer my heartiest thanks to the functionaries of Department of Sports, University of Calcutta for their sincere supports and commitment to this purpose.