Academic Departments University of Calcutta
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Year of Establishment : 1934

History of the department : It is the oldest department of Education in Indian Universities.It offers both Liberal and Professional Courses of studies. 2 year M.A./M.Sc in Education along with 2 year B.Ed, 2 year M.Ed couses as well as M.Phil and Ph.D. Courses. The Department has several had several UGC major research project, ICSSR projects under its faculties.

Special award/ recognition from UGC or related statutory body : B.Ed and M.ed courses are recognized by NCTE


Faculty Members :
Name Designation Area of specialisation Email/Phone number
Debasri Banerjee
Professor Education of children with special needs
Educational Psychology
Teacher Education
Jayanti Das
Professor Education of children with special needs, Management in education,
Educational philosophy
Md. Kutubuddin Halder
Professor Elementary Education, Sociology of Education
( Education of Minority), History of Education
Sridipa Sinha
Associate Professor & Head History of education, Mental hygiene, Guidance
Sudeshna Lahiri
Associate Professor Educational Measurement & Evaluation
Santoshi Halder
Associate Professor Special Education/ Disability Studies,
Educational Technology,
Educational psychology,
Gender Studies,
Cross Cultural/ Comparative Studies
Faculty List for Teaching B.Ed. Programme :
Name of Faculty DOB DOJ Aadhar No PAN No Designation Yrs of Exp.
Md. Kutubuddin Halder 12/03/1966 08/08/2001 947390420578 ABAPH2134H Professor and Head 19
Debasri Banerjee 14/11/1966 16/10/2001 535620145621 ADPPB6436M Professor 19
Jayanti Das 24/11/1971 05/02/1999 987762738939 AHJPD2128A Professor 20
Sridipa Sinha 07/11/1973 02/06/2003 386161491552 AXNPS8749N Associate Professor 15
Sudeshna Lahiri 24/02/1974 25/04/2007 471273739731 ACBPL3066G Associate Professor 12
Santoshi Halder 25/08/1976 01/12/2004 252035592929 ABEPH6679M Associate Professor 14
Anupama Gangopadhyay* 03/03/1959 01/07/2013 901533339298 ACXPG0793P Associate Professor 25
Arindam Bhattacharya* 17/08/1971 01/08/2016 768999486238 AXAPB4470A Assistant Professor 10
Abhijit Guha* 14/12/1968 03/07/2002 669830627487 AFHPG0931Q Associate Professor 15
Chandrima Mitra* 13/10/1960 01/08/2016 542329862083 AEIPM4872Q Associate Professor 28
Debika Guha* 17/04/1973 01/08/2015 657496813325 AFDPG9222Q Assistant Professor 19
Drakhsan Zarin* 01/03/1977 15/11/2006 554621598212 AAJPZ3858Q Assistant Professor 17
Firozuddin Ahmmed* 01/12/1985 29/09/2015 483447237858 BIHPA1546D Assistant Professor 2
Gautam Bandyopadhyay* 01/01/1958 20/04/1990 602745999337 ACXPB9503C Associate Professor 29
Jasodhara Bandyopadhyay* 02/06/1961 01/07/2006 238091571789 AFNPP5203N Associate Professor 25
Kumud Mondal* 21/10/1974 24/09/2008 358957617822 AHHPM3261F Assistant Professor 9
Mandira Mukherjee* 03/10/1958 01/07/2014 554821289760 AESPM2942R Assistant Professor 35
Chaitali Kundu* 15/06/1974 14/08/2003 539115596180 AKSPK8304M    
Sadhana Jha* 05/10/1970 06/07/2009 560459218945 AEZPJ4371A Assistant Professor 18
Saheli Roy Banerjee* 30/07/1962 23/08/2016 986506835287 APDPB0031L Assistant Professor 22
Sanchayita Basu* 27/04/1968 01/04/2016 547721901537 ADPPB2131B Assistant Professor 22
Srijib Patra* 31/05/1966 31/07/2016 226726500038 AFIPP5884J Assistant Professor 16
Sujata Raha* 23/07/1961 01/09/2012 374399643255 ACZPR7271H Assistant Professor 29
Kausik Chatterjee* 18/08/1964 10/09/1996 820268830932 ACLPC8973B Associate Professor 23
Arup Kundu* 01/05/1985 25/10/2017 252973453455 CZTP6909E Assistant Professor 4
Ranjana Banerjee* 19/09/1957 01/10/2006 726117704999 AEIPB8249Q Assistant Professor 13
Lopamudra Pal (Chakraborty)* 26/12/1968 01/07/2014 457371370190 AENPP0167P Assistant Professor 22

Courses :

Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
M.A. PG 40% in UG 125
B.Ed PG 50% in degree 50
M.Ed PG B.Ed & 50% in degree 50
M.Phil Post PG 55% in M.A./M.Sc/M.Ed 15
Ph.D. Research M.A./M.Sc/M.Ed, Qualified in NET/SET/RET NA


Projects :
Project title Funding agency Principal investigator Duration Budget
Participation of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in India and South Africa NIHSS (International grant) Dr Santoshi Halder 2 years 5 Lakhs (India side)
Exploring the Probable Environmentalrisk factors of Autism Spectrum Disorder ICSSR Dr Santoshi Halder 2 Years 10 Lakhs
Collaborations :
Title of the programme Principal collaborator of the department Name and address of the collaborating institution Principal collaborator of the collaborating institution Duration of the programme
International collaborative International Research and Academic Exchange Dr Santoshi Halder University of Pretoria, South Africa and University of Cape town, South Africa DrShakila Dada, Department of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, University of Pretoria, South Africa 2 years
Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic department/ centre :

Teaching Support :  

  • LCD projectors for ppt presentation as well as video presentations
  • Visits to various institutions
  • Workshops
  • Extension Lectures by faculties from other Universities
  • E-learning
Major activities :

Different Approaches in Educational Research:  

  • One day Seminar cum Workshop organized by AIAER (West Bengal Chapter) & Dept. of Education, Calcutta University on 23.11.14.
  • “Making a Difference - closing the gap between theory and practice in the classroom” Seminar Lecture by Dr.Vivienne Baumfield ,Professor of Pedagogy,International Dean South Asia and Eurasia.University of Glasgow on 3.2.15
  • International Seminar on ‘Enhancing Quality in Education” (In Collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission Sikshanamandira, Belur Math.). held on 19.8.15
  • Workshop for M.Ed & M.Phil students on “Inclusion and empowering the differently abled” organized by ANKUR
  • Two day Workshop on decorative art for B.ED students by Fevicryl Hobby Ideas
  • ICSSR funded 10 days Research Methodology Course for Ph.D scholars in Social Science (mainly for the S.C/S.T/OBC) where 40%-60 participants were minorities. (Jan 2015). The course was fully free for all the participants.

Additional information :  

  • As both the P.I (DrSantoshiHalder, India) and (DrShakila Dada, South Africa) will go and stay for 2 weeks in each other’s country so this can be called as a faculty exchange. The 2 year collaborative project will facilitate International faculty exchange through lectures/ presentations/ visits and collaborative research
  • B.Ed & M.Ed students have internship as part of their course work
  • The B.Ed & M.Ed syllabus has been revised as per NCTE 2014 Notification. Both the courses were previously of one year duration. At present they have been made into 2 year courses with 4 semesters.

List of books for the subject Education


Campus : Alipore (Shahid Kshudiram Siksha Prangan)

Address for communication : Department of Education, 1 Reformatory Street, Alipur, Kolkata 700027