E-book Catalogue

Title Author Subject Publisher Action
Improving Access and Efficiency in Public Health Services Nirupam Bajpai Sociology Sage Details
Improving Care in the Nursing Home Laurence Z. Rubenstein Health & Social Care Sage Details
Improving Formative Assessment Practice to Empower Student Learning E. Caroline Wylie Education Sage Details
Improving Intercultural Interactions Richard W. Brislin Psychology Sage Details
Improving Intergroup Relations Walter G. Stephan Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Improving Literacy at KS2 and KS3 Andrew Goodwyn Education Sage Details
Improving Public Sector Productivity Ellen D. Rosen Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Improving Reading, Writing, and Content Learning for Students in Grades 4-12 Rosemarye T. Taylor Education Sage Details
Improving School Behaviour Chris Watkins Education Sage Details
Improving Schools and Inspection Neil Ferguson Education Sage Details
Improving Services for Young Children Angela Anning Education Sage Details
Improving Student Learning When Budgets Are Tight Allan R. Odden Education/Corwin Sage Details
Improving Substance Abuse Treatment Michele J. Eliason Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Improving the Effectiveness of the Helping Professions Morley D. Glicken Health & Social Care Sage Details
Improving Writing Skills Arthur Asa Berger Education Sage Details
In Praise of Bureaucracy Paul du Gay Business & Management Sage Details
In Search of Nursing Science Anna Omery Health & Social Care Sage Details
Inclusion in the Early Years Cathy Nutbrown Education Sage Details
Inclusion Strategies for Secondary Classrooms M. C. Gore Education Sage Details
Inclusion Strategies That Work! Toby J. Karten Education Sage Details
Inclusive Education Ann Cheryl Armstrong Education Sage Details
Inclusive Education Across Cultures Mithu Alur Education Sage Details
Inclusive Play Theresa Casey Education Sage Details
Increasing Multicultural Understanding Don C. Locke Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
India 2039 Harinder S Kohli Sociology Sage Details
Indian Government and Politics Bidyut Chakrabarty Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Indian Higher Education Pawan Agarwal Education Sage Details
Indian Identity Narratives and the Politics of Security Gitika Commuri Sociology Sage Details
Indian Media in a Globalised World Maya Ranganathan Media & Communication Sage Details
Indian Microfinance Prabhu Ghate Business & Management Sage Details
Indian Youth in a Transforming World Peter Ronald DeSouza Sociology Sage Details
India's 2009 Elections Paul Wallace Politics & International Relations Sage Details
India's Financial Sector Vyuptakesh Sharan Business & Management Sage Details
Individual and Family Stress and Crises Janice Gauthier Weber Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Individual Differences in Language Development Cecilia M. Shore Education Sage Details
Individuality and the Group Tom Postmes Psychology Sage Details
Individualization Ulrich Beck Sociology Sage Details
Individuals and Groups in Organizations Bobbie Turniansky Business & Management Sage Details
Individuals in Relationships Steve Duck Psychology Sage Details
Industrial Relations Richard Hall Business & Management Sage Details
Infant Cognition John Colombo Education Sage Details
Informal Learning in Youth Work Janet R Batsleer Health & Social Care Sage Details
Informalization Cas Wouters Sociology Sage Details
Information L. David Ritchie Media & Communication Sage Details
Information and Communication Technology in Organizations Harry Bouwman Business & Management Sage Details
Information Technology and Organizational Transformation JoAnne Yates Business & Management Sage Details
Information Technology and the Criminal Justice System April Pattavina Criminology Sage Details
Inhuman Nature Nigel Clark Sociology Sage Details
Innovation Management Shlomo Maital Business & Management Sage Details
Innovations in International and Cross-Cultural Management P. Christopher Earley Business & Management Sage Details
Innovative Forms of Organizing Andrew M Pettigrew Business & Management Sage Details
Inquiry Nancy Fichtman Dana Education Sage Details
Inside Counselling Anthony Crouch Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Inspiring Middle and Secondary Learners Kathleen Kryza Education Sage Details
Instructional Coaches and the Instructional Leadership Team Dean T. Spaulding Education/Corwin Sage Details
Integrated Children's Services John M Davis Education Sage Details
Integrated Performance Management Kurt Verweire Business & Management Sage Details
Integrated Working with Children and Young People Nadia Edmond Education Sage Details
Integrating 12-Steps and Psychotherapy Kevin A. Osten Counseling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Integrating Language Arts and Social Studies Leah M. Melber Education Sage Details
Integrating Spirituality into Multicultural Counseling Mary A. Fukuyama Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Integrating Teaching, Learning, and Action Research Ernest T. Stringer Education Sage Details
Integrating Traditional Healing Practices Into Counseling and Psychotherapy Roy Moodley Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Integrative and Eclectic Counselling and Psychotherapy Stephen Palmer Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy Ariana Faris Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Integrative Therapy Maja O'Brien Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Intelligence Testing and Minority Students Richard R. Valencia Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Intensive Culture Scott Lash Sociology Sage Details
Intensive Interaction Dave Hewett Education Sage Details
Intentional Teaching Bonnie U. Dawkins Education Sage Details
Interactive Maths Teaching in the Primary School Nick Pratt Education Sage Details
Intercultural Alliances Mary Jane Collier Media & Communication Sage Details
Intercultural Communication Fay Patel Media & Communication Sage Details
Intercultural Communication & Ideology Adrian Holliday Sociology Sage Details
Intercultural Communication Training Richard W. Brislin Media & Communication Sage Details

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ALP = Alipore Campus Library, University of Calcutta

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CL = Central Library, University of Calcutta

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TSP = Ballygunge Science College (Taraknath Siksha Prangan)

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RBSP= Rashbehari Siksha Prangan – Rajabazar Science College

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ECO = ECONOMICS, B. T. Road Campus

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VLC = Home Science, Viharilal Home Science Campus

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