E-book Catalogue

Title Author Subject Publisher Action
Strictly Stress Tina Rae Psychology Sage Details
Student-Centered Coaching Diane Sweeney Education Sage Details
Student's Guide to Congress 0 Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Student's Guide to Elections 0 Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Student's Guide to the Presidency Bruce J. Schulman Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Student's Guide to the Supreme Court Bruce J. Schulman Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Studies in Applied Interpersonal Communication Michael T. Motley Media & Communication Sage Details
Study Skills for Criminology John Harrison Criminology Sage Details
Study Skills for Health and Social Care Students Claire Craig Health & Social Care Sage Details
Study Skills for Managers Bill Mayon-White Business & Management Sage Details
Study Skills for Psychology Richard Freeman Psychology Sage Details
Study Skills for Social Workers Christine Stogdon Health & Social Care Sage Details
Study Skills for Town and Country Planning Adam Sheppard Geography & the Environment Sage Details
Studying and Preventing Homicide M. Dwayne Smith Criminology Sage Details
Studying Childhood and Early Childhood Kay Sambell Education Sage Details
Studying Children in Context M. Elizabeth Graue Education Sage Details
Studying Disability Elizabeth DePoy Health & Social Care Sage Details
Studying Elites Using Qualitative Methods Rosanna Hertz Sociology Sage Details
Studying for Social Work Eileen Baldry Health & Social Care Sage Details
Studying Management Critically Mats Alvesson Business & Management Sage Details
Studying Organization Stewart R Clegg Business & Management Sage Details
Studying Your Own School Gary L. Anderson Education Sage Details
Studying Your Workforce Alan Clardy Business & Management Sage Details
Subculture Chris Jenks Media & Communication Sage Details
Subject Leadership and School Improvement Hugh Busher Education Sage Details
Subject, Society and Culture Roy Boyne Sociology Sage Details
Substance Use and Abuse Russil Durrant Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Succeeding at Teaching Secondary Mathematics Cheryl D. Roddick Education Sage Details
Succeeding in the Inclusive Classroom Debbie Metcalf Education Sage Details
Success on your Certificate Course in English Language Teaching Caroline Brandt Education Sage Details
Successful Administration of Senior Housing Nancy W. Sheehan Health & Social Care Sage Details
Successful Diversity Management Initiatives Patricia Arredondo Business & Management Sage Details
Successful Induction for New Teachers Sara Bubb Education Sage Details
Successful Strategic Planning Patrick J. Burkhart Business & Management Sage Details
Successful Teaching 14-19 Warren Kidd Education Sage Details
Successful Teaching Placement in Scotland Primary and Early Years Jane Medwell Education Sage Details
Successful Transition Programs John McDonnell Education Sage Details
Suicidal Behaviour Updesh Kumar Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Suicide Ronald M. Holmes Criminology Sage Details
Super Teaching Eric Jensen Education Sage Details
Supervising Counsellors Sue Wheeler Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Supervising Psychotherapy Christine Driver Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Supervision as Collaboration in the Human Services Michael J. Austin Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Supporting Children's Learning Lyn Overall Education Sage Details
Supporting Effective Learning Eileen Carnell Education Sage Details
Supporting Gifted and Talented Pupils in the Secondary School Moira Thomson Education Sage Details
Supporting Language and Communication Rosemary Sage Education Sage Details
Supporting Numeracy Ashley Compton Education Sage Details
Supporting People with Learning Disabilities in Health and Social Care Eric Broussine Health & Social Care Sage Details
Supporting Pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders Lynn Plimley Education Sage Details
Supporting Speech, Language & Communication Needs Kate Ripley Education Sage Details
Supporting the Emotional Work of School Leaders Belinda M Harris Education Sage Details
Supporting Young People Coping with Grief, Loss and Death Deborah Weymont Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Surveillance and Crime Roy Coleman Criminology Sage Details
Survey Research for Public Administration David H. Folz Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Survival Math for Marketers Peter C. Weiglin Business & Management Sage Details
Surviving Graduate School Part Time Von V. Pittman Education Sage Details
Sustainability of Rights after Globalisation Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury Sociology Sage Details
Sustainable Marketing Donald A. Fuller Business & Management Sage Details
Symbolic Exchange and Death Jean Baudrillard Sociology Sage Details
Systems Analysis & Design Fundamentals Ned Kock Business & Management Sage Details
Tacit Knowledge in Organizations Philippe Baumard Business & Management Sage Details
Taking It Big Steven P. Dandaneau Sociology Sage Details
Taking Journalism Seriously Barbie Zelizer Media & Communication Sage Details
Taking My Place in Medicine Carmen Webb Health & Social Care Sage Details
Taking Social Development Seriously Laksiri Jayasuriya Sociology Sage Details
Taking Supervision Forward Barbara Lawton Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Taking the Lead on Adolescent Literacy Judith Irvin Education Sage Details
Talent Management in Education Brent Davies Education Sage Details
Tales from the Therapy Room Phil Lapworth Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Talk About Teaching! Charlotte Danielson Education Sage Details
Talking Difference Mary Crawford Sociology Sage Details
Talking is for All Betty Rudd Education Sage Details
Task Groups in the Social Services Marian Fatout Health & Social Care Sage Details
Teach Reading, Not Testing Liz Hollingworth Education Sage Details

library locations

ALP = Alipore Campus Library, University of Calcutta

1, Reformatory Steet, Kolkata - 750027

CL = Central Library, University of Calcutta

87/1, College Street, Kolkata - 750073

TSP = Ballygunge Science College (Taraknath Siksha Prangan)

35, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata – 750019

RBSP= Rashbehari Siksha Prangan – Rajabazar Science College

92, Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Road, Kolkata - 750009

ECO = ECONOMICS, B. T. Road Campus

56A, Barrackpore Trunk Road, Kolkata-750 050

LAW = Hazra Road Campus

51/1and 51/2 Hazra Road, Kolkata-750 019

VLC = Home Science, Viharilal Home Science Campus

20B, Judges Court Road, Alipore, Kolkata -750 021