E-book Catalogue

Title Author Subject Publisher Action
Using Drama to Teach Personal, Social and Emotional Skills Jacqui O'Hanlon Education Sage Details
Using Edu-Tainment for Distance Education in Community Work Esta de Fossard Education Sage Details
Using Equity Audits to Create Equitable and Excellent Schools Linda Skrla Education Sage Details
Using ICT in the Primary School Carol Elston Education Sage Details
Using Market Knowledge Rohit Deshpande Business & Management Sage Details
Using Multiliteracies and Multimodalities to Support Young Children's Learning Marie Charles Education Sage Details
Using Phonics to Teach Reading & Spelling John Bald Education Sage Details
Using Psychology in the Classroom Stephen James Minton Education Sage Details
Using Qualitative Methods in Psychology Mary Kopala Psychology Sage Details
Using RTI for School Improvement Cara Shores Education Sage Details
Using RTI to Teach Literacy to Diverse Learners, K-8 Sheila Alber-Morgan Education Sage Details
Using Statistics to Make Educational Decisions David Tanner Education Sage Details
Using Support Groups to Improve Behaviour Joan Mowat Education Sage Details
Using Talk to Support Writing Ros Fisher Education Sage Details
Using Test Data in Clinical Practice Kathryn C MacCluskie Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Using their Brains in Science Hellen Ward Education Sage Details
Using Thinking Skills in the Primary Classroom Peter Kelly Education Sage Details
Validity in Educational and Psychological Assessment Paul Newton Education Sage Details
Value Engineering Mastermind Anil Kumar Mukhopadhyaya Business & Management Sage Details
Values and Influence of Religion in Public Administration L Shanthakumari Sunder Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Values for Educational Leadership Graham Haydon Education Sage Details
Values in Evaluation and Social Research Ernest . House Sociology Sage Details
Values, Ethics and Health Care Peter Duncan Health & Social Care Sage Details
Values-Based Health & Social Care Jill McCarthy Health & Social Care Sage Details
Valuing Quality in Early Childhood Services Peter Moss Health & Social Care Sage Details
Variations in Organization Science Joel A. C. Baum Business & Management Sage Details
Varieties of Activist Experience David Gellner Sociology Sage Details
Victims Still Robert Elias Criminology Sage Details
Victims, Crime and Society Pamela Davies Criminology Sage Details
Violence Michel Wieviorka Sociology Sage Details
Violence and Nonviolence Gregg Barak Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Violence and Society Larry Ray Criminology Sage Details
Violence in Intimate Relationships Ximena B. Arriaga Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Violence, Gender and Justice Maggie Wykes Criminology Sage Details
Violent Betrayal Claire M. Renzetti Criminology Sage Details
Violent Crime Christopher J. Ferguson Criminology Sage Details
Violent Emotions Suzanne M. Retzinger Criminology Sage Details
Virilio Live John Armitage Media & Communication Sage Details
Virtual Culture Steve Jones Sociology Sage Details
Visual Approaches to Teaching Writing Eve Bearne Education Sage Details
Visual Culture Studies Marquard Smith Media & Communication Sage Details
Visual Persuasion Paul Messaris Media & Communication Sage Details
Vital Statistics on American Politics 2015-2016 Harold W. Stanley Political Science Sage Details
Vital Statistics on Interest Groups and Lobbying Holly Brasher Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Vital Statistics on the Presidency Lyn Ragsdale Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Voice in Social Interaction Jeff Pittam Media & Communication Sage Details
Voices of Color Mudita Rastogi Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Voicing Relationships Leslie A. Baxter Sociology Sage Details
Volatile Places Valerie Gunter Geography Sage Details
Voter Turnout in the United States 1788-2009 Curtis Gans Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Voters and Voting Jocelyn A J Evans Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Vulnerable Groups in Health and Social Care Mary Larkin Health & Social Care Sage Details
Vulnerable India Anu Kapur Geography Sage Details
Walking the Equity Talk John Robert Browne II Education Sage Details
War and the Media Daya Kishan Thussu Media & Communication Sage Details
Washington Information Directory 0 Political Science Sage Details
Water Ramaswamy R Iyer Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Water and the Laws in India Ramaswamy R Iyer Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Waves of Democracy John Markoff Sociology Sage Details
We the Students Jamin B. Raskin Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Web Social Science Robert Ackland sociology Sage Details
Welfare States in Transition Gsta Esping-Andersen Health & Social Care Sage Details
Welfare States under Pressure Peter Taylor-Gooby Health & Social Care Sage Details
Wellbeing from Birth Rosemary Roberts Education Sage Details
We're Born to Learn Rita Smilkstein Education Sage Details
What Causes Men's Violence Against Women? Michele Harway Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
What Else Can I Do With You? Fiona Wallace Education Sage Details
What Else You Can Do With a PH.D. Jan Secrist Education Sage Details
What Every Teacher Should Know About Diverse Learners Donna Walker Tileston Education Sage Details
What is Community Justice? David R Karp Criminology Sage Details
What is Gender? Mary Holmes Sociology Sage Details
What is Geography? Alastair Bonnett Geography Sage Details
What is Political Theory? Stephen K White Politics & International Relations Sage Details
What is Society? Earl Babbie Sociology Sage Details
What Successful Mentors Do Cathy D. Hicks Education Sage Details

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