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Tender Notice (March 2021)

Date Tender Notice
30-3-21 Tender for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Multi photocopier, EPABEX System --- Departments of Business Management
26-3-21 Tender Notice for Urgent Refilling of fire extinguishers and installation of new more extinguishers at various bldg. of Rajabazar Sc. College
26-3-21 Tender Notice for the purchase of a Workstation --- Department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics
24-3-21 Quotations for Removing of scrap materials from the Biochemistry Department and Rajabazar Science College Campus
[N.I.Q. No :- R/58/21]
24-3-21 Quotations for Laptop Computer --- Department of Computer Science & Engineering
24-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Engineering Department
[N.I.Q No : R|56|21, R|55|21, R|57|21, R|54|21]
19-3-21 Tender Notice for disposable of scrap materials on As-Is-Where-Is basis --- Registrar Department
[N.I.Q No.: R|Scrap|49|21]
19-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Department of  Environmental Science
[Enquiry No.: ENV/PC/DBT NER- BPM/INST/19-21/03, ENV/PC/DBT NER- BPM/19-21/005, ENV/PC/DBT NER- BPM/INST/19-21/05, ENV/PC/DBT NER- BPM/INST/19-21/04]
19-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Department of Zoology
[Reference no.: ZOO/UC/WB-DBT/C10, C9/2018-19]
16-3-21 Tender for pre printed computer stationery and office stationery --- Office of the Controller of Examinations
[Tender Notice No. ADM/CE/30/Tender/21/06-07]
16-3-21 Quotation Notice ---  Calcutta University Press
[Ref No. CUP/WQ/02/2020-2021]
15-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Department of Zoology
15-3-21 Tender Notice --- Department of Business Management
15-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Department of Botany
[No.: BOT/RMI/AMC/N-01/2021-2022]
15-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Department of Zoology
[Reference no.:-ZOO/UC/WB-DBT/C9/2018-l9]
11-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Department of Botany
[No.: BOT/RMI/AMC/N-01/2021-2022]
8-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Department of Biochemistry
[Ref No: BIO/MDG/J.C BOSE/CONS/09/20-21]
6-3-21 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Desktop computers, Laptops, Projectors, Printers & Scanners --- Departments of Economics
3-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Department of Zoology
[Ref. No.: ZOO/AD/RG/gel/1 ]
2-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Department of Chemistry
[Ref. No. SS/CHEM/DST-SERB-EMR/2020-21/06-07]
2-3-21 CORRIGENDUM of the NITs /NIQs [Eng/EQ-293/20-21, Eng/287-289/20-21] of the Engineering Department
1-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Department of Zoology
[Ref. No. SS/ZOO/2020/ 97]
1-3-21 Quotation Notice --- Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics
[Ref. EQ/AHR/113/20-21]
1-3-21 GeM bidding under TEQIP, Phase-III --- Department of Computer Science & Engineering