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Year of Establishment : 1959

History of the department : The Museology Department of CU is one of the pioneering in India. The Department offers two-year full time MA/ MSc degrees and research degrees at Doctoral & Post-Doctoral levels. Every year students of this Department succeed in the NET-Examination, conducted by the UGC. The research projects undertaken by the fellows of this Department have regularly been appreciated. NAAC acclaimed the Department as one of the rare & valuable departments. The Department has upgraded its entire syllabus in conformity with the UGC Guidelines & Professional Demands as envisaged in the ICGMPD.


Faculty Members :
Name Designation Area of specialisation Email
Supreo Chanda
Associate Professor Exhibition Design, Intangible Cultural Heritage of India, Visual Culture, Access Study, Intellectual Property Rights, Gender Study, Conservation of Cultural Property, History of Indian Science Museums, Science & Technology and Natural History Museums, Curriculum Design.
Mahua Chakraborty
Professor History of Museum, Collection Management, Museum Architecture, History &Archaeology of India, History of Art, Folk Art & Culture of India.
Indrani Bhattacharya
Professor & HOD Museum Technology, Information Technology in Museums, Museum Security, Preservation of Natural History Specimens, Conservation of Cultural Property, Natural History Museums, e-Content Development.
Sanjit Jotder
Assistant Professor Museum Administration, Museums & Self-Government, Environmental Studies, Museum Documentation, Photography, Life Sciences.
Dhriti Ray
Assistant Professor Museum Information and Public Relations, Museum Management, Museum Marketing, Zoology, History of Indian sciences.
Piyasi Bharasa
Assistant Professor Museum Education, History Museum, Heritage & Tourism, Project Management, Life Sciences.

Courses :

Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
MA/ MSc Post Graduate A Masters’ degree or a good Bachelors’ degree with Honours in Anthropology/ Ancient Indian History and Culture/ Archaeology/ Botany/ Chemistry/ Computer Science/ Electronics/ Environmental Studies/ Environmental Science/ Folklore/ Fine Arts/ Geography/ Geology/ History/ History of Art/ Islamic History and Culture/ Pali/ Persian/ Physics/ Physiology/ Sanskrit/ Visual Art/ Zoology. 30
PhD (Arts/ Science) Research MA/ MSc Notified from time to time


Research scholars :
Sl.No. Name of the Student Title of the Proposed Thesis Supervisor
1. Sm. Falguni Pal Pithworks Of Bengal In Relation To Their Socio-Economic Background Of Craftsmen And Its Documentation And Display In Museum. Prof (Retd) Dilip K Ray
Prof (Retd) A C Bhowmick
2. Sri Benoy Moni Archaeological Remains Of South 24-Parganas And Their Exposition Through Rural Museums. Prof (Retd) S K Mukherjee
3. Sri Dilip Dutta Gupta Indigenous Preservation Of Archival Materials. Prof (Retd) A C Bhowmick
4. Sri Anirban Banerjee Paschimbanger Sangrahasala Bidyacharchar Khetre Sangrihita Loksilpa Sangrahasalar Byakhya O Tatparjo. -Do-
5. Sm. Mousruti Das Indian Planetaria And Their Impact On Society. Prof (Retd) A C Bhowmick
Prof (Retd) S N Bhattacharya
6. Sm. Paramita Sarkar Conservation Of Natural Heritage Of North Bengal: Education Through Museums. Prof (Retd) A C Bhowmick
Prof (Retd) S N Bhattacharya
7. Sm. Subhashree Sen Bio-Ecology Of Sundarban And Its Representation Through Natural History Museum. Prof (Retd) Chhanda Das
8. Sri Utpal Chaudhuri The Geo-Cultural History Of Bhum Territories Of The ChhotanagpurPlataeu In Jharkhand And The Adjoining Areas Of West Bengal: A Study Of Heritage Maintenance Programme. Prof (Retd) Chhanda Das
Prof R K Chattopadhyay
Dr Tapan Kumar Das
9. Sri AsimHalder Arts & Crafts Of West Bengal – Scope For Marketing Prosperity Through Folk Art Museums. Dr DurgaBasu
Prof (Retd) Chhanda Das
10. Sri SanjitJotder A Study On The Prospect Of Panchayat Raj Museum For Rural Development In Bengal With Special Reference To District Of South 24-Parganas. Prof (Retd) S N Bhattacharya
11. Sri Pradip Kumar Mandal Museum Movement In West Bengal Since Independence. -Do-
12. Sm. Saswati Pal Choudhuri Contribution Of Rathindranath Tagore In Science, Art And Culture: An Analytical Study. -Do-
13. Sm. Krishna Bhattacharyya Growth And Development Of Personalia Museums In The Post Independent India And The Role Of Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Memorial Museum And Archives – A Museological Study. Prof (Retd) S N Bhattacharya Prof (Retd) A C Bhowmick
14. Sm. Suranjana Ray Origin, Growth And Development Of Asutosh Museum Of Indian Art As A University Museum. Dr ShyamalkantiChakravarti
Prof (Retd) S N Bhattacharya
15. Sm. Sarbani Halder An Analytical Study On Migration And Settlement Patterns Of Clay Artists Of West Bengal And Their Cultural Oscillations Prof (Retd) S N Bhattacharya Dr MahuaChakrabarti
16. Sm. SangitaGoswami An Analytical Study On Introduction, Innovation And Evolution Of Information And Communication Technology In Indian Museums. -Do-
17. Sm. Amrita Dey Influence Of Medicinal And Aromatic Plants On Tribes Of Chhotonagpur Plateau And Communication Through Museum. Dr Jayanta Deb Biswas
Prof (Retd) S N Bhattacharya
18. Sri Anjan Kumar Chatterjee Documentation And Presentation Of Cultural Heritage Of The People Of Sikkim – An Analytical Study. -Do-
19. Sm. Pallabi Chatterjee Role Of Marginalised People In The Museum Movement Of South 24-Pargana, West Bengal – An Analytical Study. Dr SaktikaliBasu
Prof (Retd) S N Bhattacharya
20. Sm. Moumita Paul Fresh Water Piscean Fauna Of Eastern Himalayas With Special Reference To The Darjeeling District Of West Bengal And It’s Representation In The Bengal Natural History Museum, Darjeeling. Prof (Retd) Samir Banerjee
Sri Supreo Chanda
21. Sri Pratik Ghosh Museums As Complementary Sources For The Secondary Level Science Education In West Bengal. Sri Supreo Chanda
22. Sm. Sudeshna Das Conservation of Biodiversity And Cultural Diversity For Promoting Sustainable Development: A Study On The Possibilities Of Utilisation Of The Indian Museums And Heritage Institutions As Facilitator. -Do-
23. Sm. Juthika Biswas Weathering Of Cultural Properties In Tropical Countries With Special Reference To West Bengal, India. -Do-
24. Sm. Sayani Ghosh Display Techniques In Science & Technology Museums Of India – An Evolutionary Approach. -Do-
25. Sm. SunandaMondal Bio-Diversity Of Garden Spiders Of West Bengal: Documentation & Preservation For Museological Studies. -Do-
26. Sri Subhajit Mukherjee A Museum Of Biodiversity: Sharing The Indian Perspectives By (Re)Creating Spaces Of Engaging Experience. -Do-
27. Sri RajatNath A Geo-Science Museum For India: Scope And Possibilities Of Developing Interactive Interfaces Through Application Of Electronic Technology. -Do-
28. Sm. Amina Begum Women Rituals In The Muslim Marriage In West Bengal: A Museological Study With Special Reference To The South 24-Parganas District (Registration Pending). Dr Arun Kumar Chatterjee
Sri Supreo Chanda
29. Sm. Puspa Das Perspective And Prospect Of Museums Of West Bengal In The Service Of Non-Visiting Community – A Micro Study. Dr MahuaChakrabarti
Prof (Retd) S N Bhattacharya
30. Sm. Sumana Dutta Tradition And Continuation Of The Ganesha Images – A Survey In The Museums Of West Bengal, Bihar And Orissa. Dr MahuaChakrabarti
31. Sm. Bipasa Roy Chowdhury Ethnic Cultural Heritage In Indira Gandhi RashtriyaManav Sangrahalaya: A Museological Study. -Do-
32. Sri AamirAbbasi Exhibit Technique & Management For Arts & Archaeological Objects In Indian Museums – An Analytical Study. -Do-
33. Sm. FarhinSaba Muslim Calligraphy Of Bengal (AD 1200 – 1707): A Study Of Architecture And Museum Artifacts Of West Bengal Towards Its Appreciation. -Do-
34. Sm. Tanushree Chakraborty Biodeterioration Of Cultural Property: A Case Study On Fungal Flora In The Museums Of West Bengal. Dr Indrani Bhattacharya
35. Sm. MousumiPurkait Fungal Diseases Of The Major Crops In The Districts Of South Bengal: Local Museums In The Aid Of Cultivators. -Do-
36. Sm. Rituparna Chatterjee Interface Between The Modern Mass Media And Museum Communication: A Micro Study On Indian Perspective. -Do-
37. Sm. Ajita Deb Folk Deities & Rituals in West Bengal: Presentation And Communication In The Museums. -Do-
38. Sm. Sangita Mukherjee Educational Impact Assessment On The School Students In The Major Science Museums In The Metropolitan Cities Of India. Dr Indrani Bhattacharya
Sri Supreo Chanda
39. Sm. Malabika Das Gupta A Study And Presentation Of The Socio-Cultural Changes In Ethnic Culture Of Dooars With Special Emphasis On Toto Community Of Jalpaiguri District; West Bengal. Dr Arun Kumar Chatterjee
40. Sm. Lina Mondal Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose And Freedom Movement In India (A Scientific Documentation And Presentation). -Do-
41. Sri Sanjib Mandal SundarbanElakarGosaba Blocker SarbanginUnnayane Sir Daniel MakinonHamilton’er Abadan Abong Oi AbadanerSanrakshan O Prakase Anchalik Sangrhasalar Bhumika (In Bengali). -Do-
42. Sm. MinakshiMajumder Documentation And Presentation Of The Handloom Art Of West Bengal. -Do-
43. Sm. Sanchita Mukherjee Documentation And Presentation Of The Ethnic Art Of West Bengal With Special Emphasis To The Significance Of Dress And Ornaments In Socio-Cultural Life Of The Ethnic Artisan Communities. -Do-
44. Sm. Nabanita Manna Documentation And Preservation Of The Conch Shell Art And Craft Of West Bengal And It’s Role In The Socio-Economic Life Of These Artists And Craftsman (A Socio-Museological Study). -Do-
45. Sri BadalMondal Art And Crafts Of The Sagar Islanders With Special Emphasis To Project Their Heritage Through Museum. -Do-
46. Sri SabyasachiJomra Museums Of Sundarban, South 24 Parganas And Their Multifarious Role For Preserving And Developing The Culture & Heritage Of The Area. -Do-
47. Sri SukantaHazra History Of The Howrah District: An Archaeological Study. Dr Tapan Kumar Das
48. Sm. Debarati Ghosh Tradition And Continuity Of The Tangail Sarees Of Bengal – Its Representation In Museums. Dr Dhriti Ray
Prof (Retd) A C Bhowmick
Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic department/ centre :
  • Theorertical Museology
  • Specialized Museology
  • Conservation of Cultural Property
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Collection Management
  • Museum & Tourism
  • Museum Information System
  • Art History
  • Heritage Management
  • Science Communication
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Environment and Cultural Property

Additional information :

  • Syllabus [ Click Here ]
  • Internship is an integral part of the curriculum. Students have to complete 90 days’ internship in museums/ heritage institutes/ conservation laboratories in the 4th semester.


Campus : Alipore (Shahid Kshudiram Siksha Prangan)

Address for communication : Department of Museology, 1 Reformatory Street (9th Floor), Alipur, Kolkata 700027

Telephone No. : 2479-2861. Ext - 357/360/363/371/385